Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Purposeful Path

a purposeful path where you share the good with all people as you bless them with love is a choice that one can make which invites the cosmic energies of the universe to shine a light on the true beauty of our existence.

with vibrant enthusiasm embrace the vital life force and use its sacred energies to create a safe nurturing environment where you can discover your true abilities and make a positive difference.

the more you enjoy being alive the better your life will be. make a conscious choice to do your best to make each moment something beautiful. see every step along the way as an opportunity to bring light into your world. let this be the day that you truly enjoy being alive.

know that you are a truly amazing angelic being of light for it is the knowledge of our divine glory that makes life a rewarding journey in which we walk with spirit on our way home to the soul.

from the spiritual fabric of life let us weave a wardrobe of love and light that warms the heart of humanity.

live more fully in the moment by sharing your generous spirit with the world as this will create meaningful experiences that embrace your path with waves of love.

when your intention is love the results are positively promising blessings that manifest experiences which inspire. for within love are sacred energies that make our unique life journey one of wellness and wholeness.

be a facilitator of love whose divine blueprint is one of energy and intuition that connects with the spirits while embracing the fullness of life with healing vibrational energy.

you cannot break me for i am already broken. you cannot hurt me for i have taken the shattered pieces of my battered existence and with them created a mosaic of strength , courage, happiness and joy. you cannot break me for in my brokenness i have become a butterfly of sacred beauty whose wings wrap my world in love.

life is spiritually empowered with ancient knowledge which embraces our journey with love when with profound respect and sacred passion we set our intentions to serving the greatest good.

i am grateful for the experience of being alive for life has given me the opportunity to love deeply from the heart while inspiring within me a willingness to share the joy and beauty of who i am.

start healing yourself. you have within you powerful tools with which to transform your life. look closely and you will discover a multitude of loving sacred gifts within the heart and soul of who you are. start loving yourself.

i am tired of being tired of tiring people whose ignorance and prejudice darken our world. so i have chosen on this day to enter an energetic state of deeper awareness that opens my heart and soul to harmony and healing which i will share in the hope that it will awaken those who darken our doors to the light of a better more loving world.

deep meaningful and more harmonious our lives become when we make the effort to help heal ourselves for it is by being brave enough to truly and freely give ourselves the love we deserve that we transform and transcend.

a smile is a vibrant expression of love which when shared honestly and sincerely can create unique, unforgettable and magnificent experiences that are blessed beyond measure.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Go Far Beyond This Reality To A Place of Evolutionary Spirit

go far beyond this reality to a place of evolutionary spirit in the heavens for it is there that your sacred intelligence will open your eyes to the power and beauty of your divine self.

open yourself completely to the cosmic consciousness and inner guidance of your true sacred self and the powers of the universe will guide you to a place of divine transformation where with every step you take you makes a greater impact.

connect to your essence for you are a powerful force and by loving and believing in the miracle of your existence you master your life in a way that makes yours a meaningful and significant story of transformation.

celebrate your path by cultivating good intentions and using your natural healing abilities to lead a life woven by spirit that makes the world a better place.

a soul centered life in which you freely express the love within is one of diverse wisdom and eternal beauty where every choice you make creates a positive path and vision that leads to sacred emergence.

explore higher states and you will discover dimensions of love which inspire an authentic spiritual awakening whose benefits greatly improve the quality of your life.

live a life worthy of respect and you open the heart of mankind to miraculous events of spiritual freedom and enlightened awareness where every choice is a great blessing that makes a lasting contribution of love.

deep loving relationships are a source of enrichment that fills our lives with a purifying light which embraces every moment with sacred beauty.

infinite realities of profound significance that lead us to higher dimensions where remarkable changes help us grow spiritually are the blessings we receive when we live our life with purity and goodness as our guide.

you elevate your experiences by fully embracing your path for you are a divine being and when you immerse yourself completely in your cosmic journey you create a flow of healing energy that engages the heart and deepens your capacity to love.

healthy inner beliefs create a profound state of powerful personal change that deepens the connection to spirit while elevating our ethereal existence in uniquely transformative ways.

we evolve to a higher level when we live our lives in divine ways that engage the heart and spirit of who we truly are.

live fully and deeply your cosmic evolution for life is an extraordinary exploration of powerful awakening in which our greatest discovery is that we are the light of the divine.

we have karmic energies within us that serve as a source of healing when we devote our days to shaping life with great compassion and a desire to achieve oneness with all creation.

love is a beacon of hope and by following its light and taking actions that celebrate its glorious beauty we achieve something remarkable.

from lifetime to lifetime we must relearn to free ourselves from the burdens of life through spiritual practices that lead us to landscapes of healing light. let us not procrastinate too long this time for the lesson rests within waiting for us to show up for class.

today is a good day for a fresh new start in which with deep gratitude you forge a path to tomorrow where you embrace your true nature with kindness and love.

pure unconditional love kindles a sense of hope which creates a state of peace that inspires us to discover the miracle of who we truly are.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Miraculous Light of Cleansing Purification

a miraculous light of cleansing purification that heals and nurtures comes to those whose lives are filled with powerful beliefs that are warm and loving.

open yourself to guidance from the higher self and you will be rewarded with remarkable gifts of peace and contentment.

appreciate every day and the purifying light of your divine essence will guide you to a place of joyful living and all embracing love.

as a being of love you have healing abilities which when shared create a beautiful environment and a blessed life.

the spiritual realization that we are limitless beings of light creates for us a reality in which we experience loving harmony and bliss.

good things come when we focus our energies on opening doorways to higher connections, beautiful experiences and wonderful opportunities.

use your unique gifts and ultimate positivity to create strong spiritual connections that illuminate your natural wisdom in a way that allows the world to see the miracle and magnificence of who you are.

insight and intuition are spiritually alchemical blessings within the soul of who we are whose divine illumination and radiant glow when embraced will lead us to happiness, well being and loving harmony.

joyously celebrate the realization that you are love.

self love and compassion liberates our life force while generating a goodness that opens our path to wonderful new possibilities.

miraculous changes occur when we embrace the moment with compassionate actions that are meaningful and profound.

communicate your essence for you are sacred and you have something beautiful and blissful to offer the world.

the spirit in you is a blessing of glorious beauty that endows the heart and soul with a greatness which when embraced opens doors to sacred contentment.

we are high spirited beings who through mutual respect create a flow of healing energy that helps us be happy.

you discover the wisdom and beauty of your true self when you sustain a positive attitude for in the soul of the positive is a liberating happiness that will guide you to a sacred healing path that takes you home to who you are meant to be.

there is a place forged in the heart where sacred flowers bloom that nourish and nurture us when we seek to walk a good path and live a more loving life.

purify your life by creating a serene sacred atmosphere in which you can access the positive powerful energy within and use that energy to plant seeds of kindness and compassion.

when we touch each other on a soul level we develop spiritually as move towards the light.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Balance, Serenity and Alchemical Change

balance, serenity and alchemical change come to us when we use our vital life force energy to make the world a better place.

the greatest gift you have is love and when you use it honestly and faithfully you have a positive impact that changes lives and makes dreams come true.

walk your path with the help of angels and yours will be a journey of greater insight where every moment is refreshed and inspired by the beauty and grace of your glorious sacred self.

harness the power within and use it to make good choices that stimulate feelings of love which lead you toward a compassionate future where you live more completely.

your life is a gift which is designed to inspire and by sharing this gift your path unfolds in magickal ways that bestow blessings upon the world.

sweetly sings the heart whose good intentions light the way to a truly marvelous and miraculous future.

a positive sense of self releases the sacred fluids that flow within which help us evolve and change into beings of benevolent harmony and divine purpose.

we all have spiritual powers of light and love that bless our existence in sacred and meaningful ways. our mission is to discover those powers and use them to serve the highest and greatest good.

in peace and joy set your intentions to beautifully design inner and outer landscapes of love and light that honor and celebrate the earth and the cosmos.

look closely at the rich complexities of life and the soul of every story for they are filled with treasures of light that can make our path one of healing and wholeness where we live our purpose passionately and poetically.

diverse and beautiful is the oasis of transformation within the heart and soul of who we are. it is a sacred blessing filled with spiritual powers which unfold into our world when we truly embrace the bliss of our existence.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Path of Greater Purpose

helping others heal inspires within us positive growth that opens us to a path of greater purpose in which we embody enlightenment.

yours is a mystical heart and within it are the powers of the universe and energies of the cosmos waiting for you to embrace your sacredness and live the lightness of your being.

a path of self compassion encourages greater joy while leading us to a place of wholeness and happiness where we are truly welcome.

we liberate ourselves when we not only focus on the good things but actively endeavor to embrace the forces of love.

powerful intentions plant seeds of transformation from which our true beauty blossoms into flowers of encouragement, empowerment and enlightenment.

let love inhabit the soul and you will achieve greater joy as you live life more beautifully.

you are a great gift to the world and by believing in yourself you make life a beautiful celebration of effortless inspiration and radical well being that embraces the cosmos with love.

relationships that nourish allow you to see the beauty of the world around you which fills you with wonder while inspiring you to live a life that is good for you.

a transformative approach to the sacred path we are on opens our awareness and produces positive changes that make ours a life worth living.

in fields of sacred energy i call upon the powers of the universe to uplift my world and fill my days with miracles for i am a being of light and the time has come to transform.

with extraordinary goodness do what makes you come alive for something truly amazing happens when we take the time to love and care for ourselves in uplifting ways.

a compassionate heart when shared makes ours a soulful journey in which we live more authentically and beautifully.

endless enlightenment is ours when we immerse ourselves in the heart of each experience for within the heart are profound healing powers that transform.

be more accepting of who you are as doing so will liberate and heal the inner self which will release spiritual forces that make yours an extraordinary journey where you live and love the wonders of life.

deep spiritual growth will come to those who truly appreciate how important they are. for the love and kindness we show ourselves blesses us with life changing insights that illuminate and inspire.

you have the power to heal and the greater the love and acceptance you have for yourself the more likely it is that the power will unfold around you.

you are a ray of sunlight and by using your own energy to embrace the world with kind intentions you evolve into a more harmonious and happy state of being.

nurture your sacred roots and your heart will open to the love that is your true nature.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 18, 2017

We are Beloved Beings of Beauty

we are beloved beings of beauty and creative consciousness who have innate healing powers which can change lives for the better . it is by believing in our greatness that we bring forth those blessings into the world.

walk a good path and the healer within will release into your life a loving energy that will embrace every step with higher vibrations of spirit.

with the guidance of mother earth and father sky let us endeavor to create a nurturing environment of respectful loving intention and higher levels of integrity where as one we can build a more beautiful world.

listen to the song of your soul and it will shine a light on the ways of love which will increase well being and inspire a life of greater satisfaction.

we are beings of power, purpose and compassionate facilitation whose natural radiance lights the way to love whenever we use our pure awareness and life force energies to help one another.

when you embody your true nature you generate a heart opening goodness of divine inspiration overflowing with love.

we experience spiritual health and wholeness when we open our mind and heart to the profound importance of who we are and love ourselves completely.

a unique future of compassionate awareness and mind opening experiences that rejuvenate the spirit comes to those of self and soul who embrace the world with their sacred gifts.

to give and receive love is to live a spiritually abundant life of reverence and gratitude that takes in the beauty of this world in a way that cultivates the extraordinary.

you are a pure source of energy who by living authentically becomes a powerful and transformative force a good that serves the heart of humanity.

empathy for others creates positive possibilities which help us experience deep satisfaction and live a joyful life.

amazing things happen when you shape your everyday reality with ideas and inspiration that honor and celebrate who you are for you are a powerful luminous being of love.

value yourself by walking toward the light and you will experience a natural state of wellness that makes every step fulfilling and meaningful.

you are the architect of your destiny and every beautiful new morning you have the opportunity to create an empowered life of wholeness and happiness.

we evolve our abilities when we seek to live the best life possible for it is by sharing our light and love that we become our authentic self and begin to experience true joy and happiness.

a life dedicated to helping others carries with it a healing power that changes lives at a soul level.

your true path and purpose are calling you. answer the call and yours will be a journey of deeply transformative encounters through angelic and spiritual realms.

live your true unique nature by embracing your sacred gifts and life will unfold in loving ways.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Walking your Highest Path into the Light

embrace the joy and profound wisdom of your beautiful spiritual gifts by living generously and walking your highest path into the light.

touch life more deeply and its sacred energy will guide you to a world of extraordinary experiences where you may freely express the glorious truth of who you are.

in love and gratitude i open my heart to the beauty of life as i walk through wondrously magickal realms of spirit on my way home to me.

use the beautiful energy of your eternal soul to experience the profound miracle of your authentic self and you will walk toward bliss as you journey to the source.

you are here to inspire. yours is a unique journey of beautiful vibrations that embraces the world with love. you are here to experience the goodness of life. yours is a sacred path of divine healing that embraces the universe with light. you are here to live your true destiny.

the heart awakens when we walk our path with love and purpose. the soul rejoices when we use our divine healing energies to create an atmosphere that enriches. bless the life of those who nurture and nourish their heart and soul.

truly love yourself and spiritual gifts will unfold that make yours a love powered world of divine guidance, deep nurturance and beautiful balance.

the universal life force is a unique and meaningful blessing of light that creates for us a life of unlimited spiritual growth when we love who we are.

tiny miracles happen in our lives every single day. it is by seeing these blessings that we begin our journey down a road of soul enriching experiences and magickal transformations.

deep loving acceptance of who we are connects us with the cosmic energy of the divine life force which makes ours a profoundly meaningful path that serves and inspires.

profound, pleasurable and positive intentions help us reach our higher self as we manifest a future of spiritual wellness and ecstatic celebration.

it is when we make choices that empower that we open the door to a more spiritual life of holistic well being where we blossom at a deeper level.

kindness and compassion are fuel for the soul that give us a positive vision of life while moving us in the direction of the highest and greatest good.

beautiful experiences of spiritual abundance that manifest miracles come to us when we embrace and live the truth that all life is sacred.

listen to the voice of spirit, feel the vibrations of divine energy and see the glory of your greatness for you are a blessed soul who is worthy of all the joy and beauty in the world.

you are a naturally gifted, thoughtful and compassionate being of light with the ability to inspire and by believing in yourself and sharing your magnificence yours becomes a pathway of greater clarity, extraordinary wisdom and pure love.

there is a spiritual gateway within the heart which when opened leads to a path of awareness and enlightenment where we may stand in the light of our divine beauty as we live our true calling.

we have all around us angelic influences and by opening ourselves fully to their gifts and guidance we awaken the divine which gives us the power to create a joyful life of magickal possibilities.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One