Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Divine Flow of the Universe

life altering events that shape our destiny in positive and profound ways occur when we open ourselves fully to the divine flow of the universe.

beauty, truth and insights that inspire evolving joy live within the heart of who we are waiting for us to find our way home.

deep inner exploration creates greater awareness of self which makes life a positively transformational adventure of visionary experiences that celebrate the sacred.

each of us is a beacon of light with gifts and abilities that can make life richer and happier for ourselves and others. trust your inner guidance and it will help you make this a planet of love.

there is healing music within the soul which when listened to creates in us a peaceful manner of being that embraces our life with divine blessings.

awaken more fully to the sacred truth that you are a remarkable being of light and a new reality will unfold in which the energy of the higher self leads you on a harmonious journey of love.

lovingly illuminate and nurture within yourself the presence of divinity and yours will be a higher truth in which you create a compassionate environment of greater happiness.

a life of loving blessings delivered with kindness is a sacred dance where miracles flow as the heavens smile.

by immersing ourselves in uplifting and nurturing relationships we create new realities in which our consciousness flowers in quite extraordinary ways.

you are a powerful being on a unique life path who when you seek to serve humanity leaves a positive energetic imprint that is beneficial to yourself and the world.

embrace self acceptance with a message of love and from the depths of your being you will feel your spirit awaken.

the soul grows and expands when we walk our path lovingly.

with the assistance of angels embrace an energetic state of being in which you venture into spirit as you manifest a wonderful life of clarity, joy and wholeness.

let yours be a powerful message of sacred awareness that promotes the highest good and inspires a natural state of bliss.

there is a radiant rainbow of beauty and truth that illuminates the divine within us which when shared opens doorways to transformation.

miraculous moments and impactful events of light and harmony occur when we immerse ourselves in positive planetary energies that are soulful and uplifting.

new paths emerge when we explore deep levels of self awareness, for the better we understand who we truly are the greater our sense of soul purpose and the more likely we are to live our bliss.

awaken to your sacredness and begin a spiritual journey of heart centered experiences in which you cultivate a joyful existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Spiritually Rich and Powerfully Divine

be aware that you are spiritually rich and powerfully divine for it is the belief and knowledge of our sacredness that makes our life a shining beacon of love.

express deep devotion for your blessings by speaking the language of light and making every moment a celebration of life.

begin your day with a prayer of compassion as this will create for you a sanctuary of sacredness where love pours forth.

awaken into awareness with the knowledge that by using the universal spiritual energy at the core of your being you can reach a higher vibrational state that will fill your life with deeply loving experiences.

joyfully harvest the waves of light within by honoring your inner self and living your truth as you embrace the essence of being alive.

it is by opening our hearts fully to the experience of love that we heal our true selves and become better human beings.

pay attention to your abilities and use their all encompassing light and positive healing forces to embrace your world with heartfelt messages of of love.

within the heart of humanity is a flowering consciousness that opens powerful portals to higher dimensional realities when we express love and gratitude or the miracle of our existence.

allow the divine spark of your sacred self to lovingly move you toward positive passionate people of higher soul presence whose goodness and light inspire within you a blossoming of spirit.

by walking in a positive direction you purify your path making yours a more beautiful spiritual life.

the dawn of a new day is upon us and we who choose to live our greatest good will walk with the divine to a world where light and love prevail.

the more we open our heart and soul to compassion the more we feel like we are living in a miracle.

be kind to yourself in nurturing and compassionate ways that are spiritually resonant.

with compassionate wisdom seek to be a source of pleasure from which flows divine thoughts and sacred actions.

beautiful journeys of spiritual exploration create sweet and joyous environments that open portals and gateways to wondrously exciting new worlds.

deep personal growth and loving transformation come our way when our intention is to benefit others.

bring to light the beauty of the divine reality that you are a celestial being touched by the sweetness of the universal nature of love.

blanket your pathway with positive actions that inspire and yours will be a sacred adventure filled with delightful sensations of spirit where you achieve miracles.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Seek to Serve the Highest Good

a beautifully intimate and illuminating spirituality where love emerges is gifted to us by the universe when we seek to serve the greatest good.

natural miracles occur when we speak directly to spirit as we embrace the eternal divine.

we are each in our own way gods and goddesses with the ability to transcend dimensions and completely transform.

within the sacred consciousness of every being are ancestral memories and by listening to their whispers you will hear messages that will guide you to greater levels of love.

use your magickal tools and elemental energies to open gateways to the mystical where you may immerse yourself in a spirituality of light.

you are an extraordinary creation and by expressing your true self paths will open before you that lead to etheric realms which awaken the love and light within.

you are a super hero with special powers. yours is a magickal life of adventure. you are a being of celestial beauty from the heavens whose soulful essence shines a light of love on sacred mother earth. you are a being of strength and courage who embodies all that is good. you are a super hero.

inspired practices create spiritual realizations and powerful experiences that awaken the love within.

a unique atmosphere of loving intent is created when we use the light within to illuminate those aspects of our sacred self that inspire, motivate, enlighten and empower ourselves and others.

listen to the rhythmic beauty of your sacred heartbeat as it serenades your soul with a song of love.

may yours be a sacred journey to the spirit of love that is filled with mystical moments of beauty and grandeur which purify the heart and soul.

forces of light touched by the divine emerge from within when we use the essence of love for the good of others.

the more deeply you love yourself the more likely you are to come home to your soul where you may live in the flawless purity of true freedom.

our innate metaphysical abilities when used to educate and empower make life a more rewarding experience whose profound benefits create uplifting environments of healing grace where we may joyfully live our sacredness.

beauty is a tool of empowerment which when shared elevates us to celestial levels of spiritual wholeness where miracles unfold with every step we take.

may ours be a beautiful uplifting message of hope and heart filled passion that inspires people to explore deeper spiritual experiences beyond the physical realm.

we make ourselves and others feel safe and grounded when we use the healing energies of true compassion to create a pure positive atmosphere of love and light.

enhance your life by creating new experiences that awaken your natural abilities.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Walk a Path of Light through Fields of Energy

our innate intuitive intelligence naturally unfolds into our life when we walk a path of light through fields of energy to sacred vortexes where happiness and bliss await our arrival home.

breathe the magick of the gentle beauty which resonates within your sacred self and yours will be a life of greater well being immersed in the spirit of love.

a profound appreciation for life and its countless blessings will guide us to beautiful experiences, empowering relationships and soul enriching events that bring peace and joy into our world.

a greater sense of well being comes to us when we embrace our divine essence with inspired goodness.

you are a radiant source of light with natural healing powers and countless blessings who when you keep your heart open has the ability to change lives for the better.

today let us create a new reality of ethereal moments and sacred relationships where we live our truth and feel our joy.

enlightened by the divine are those who see each and every encounter along the way as something beautiful and miraculous.

we grow spiritually through purposeful living that is loving and supportive.

we honor our evolution and cosmic destiny when we use our infinite power to enlighten consciousness and manifest happiness.

the heavens exist and if you open your pure heart to their celestial messages you will transform your whole life.

ours is an extraordinary story of spiritual discovery where grace, beauty, lightness and joy are waves of creation that shape our divine destiny.

embrace each experience with the power of positive intent and you enhance your sacred journey in ways that profoundly touch the soul.

higher intentions elevate our spirit to a happy harmonious place of divine joy and bliss where the empowering energy of an all encompassing love transforms our journey into something sacred and beautiful.

we are forces of light whose powerful energies and goodness of spirit open the mind and heart to infinite possibilities that elevate the soul of humanity.

the realization of the importance of kindness purifies the spirit with a healing light of infinite love.

look with remarkable clarity at your true soul self and you will see a divine light shining on your inner greatness.

pure, natural and clear intentions inspire the higher source within to lead us beyond expectation to where truths are unveiled that move us to create a soul centered life of wholeheartedness.

compassionate actions awaken the soul making ours a life affirming journey guided and directed by spirit.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 14, 2017

See Clearly the Glorious and Beautiful aspects of your Existence

wonderful enlightening experiences which are infinitely inspiring happen every day. our task is to remove all the obstacles in our way that we may see clearly the glorious and beautiful aspects of our existence.

you are a gift to humankind whose generous radiant soul and intuitive spirit have a divinely beneficial impact on the world around you.

build your home with a spiritual foundation and fill every room with light and love.

within you are reservoirs of profound gentleness and wellsprings of holistic beauty which when set free into the universe create a manifest a path of ascension and positive meaningful change.

embrace your truth, awaken your potential and let the vibrations of love alive within your soul unfurl for you a profound path of personal transformation.

open your pure peaceful heart to the reality that you are a beautiful light being of sacred design.

i pray at my inner temple and i am immersed in the heart of grace where angelic messages of love guide me to cherish and celebrate the greatness, glory and beauty of my divine existence.

positive satisfying relationships come to us when we walk visionary pathways to mystical realms where the vibrations of the universe carry us home to who we really are.

within the core of our authentic self are curative forces which when unleashed ground us spiritually while helping us grow and prosper into beautiful beings of light.

beautiful beings may you bless this world by embracing the spirit of giving for it is when we give fully of our sacred gifts that we make magickal discoveries which create for us a peaceful atmosphere that enhances the heart and soul of who we are.

open minded awareness of the beauty around us creates enlightening encounters that deeply connect us with a world of wonders which open gateways to a more miraculous and meaningful life.

start living your truth for the truth is that you are a pure and wonderful being of light whose very essence is a powerfully inspiring blessing that nourishes the soul of humanity.

authentic truthful inspirational guidance comes from within and unfolds into our lives when we focus on the divine beauty of our existence and make it our path and purpose to bless the world with its sacred glory.

i listen with an open heart because i come to you from a place of love where inner peace and joy dance in the brightly shining light of all that is sacred.

today i will be courageous enough to love the person i am.

i feel more empowered when i listen to my spirit guides and angels for they remind me that i am a most precious gift which when shared opens the gates to love.

change the course of your life by uncovering your deep inner truths and using their mystical powers and loving energy to create a nurturing environment that shines a light on the true sacred beauty of who you are.

who are you spiritually? this is a question when answered that will inspire and empower every aspect of your life for you are more spiritual that you are aware of. you are a sacred being of love born to bless the world with light.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Holistic Heart Centered Living

joy and well being are the absolutely magickal rewards that come to us when we make a conscious effort to make our journey one of holistic heart centered living.

life is a sacred education and by opening ourselves fully to the joy of learning our world is changed in spiritually energetic ways that lead us on a journey to complete wellness.

in majestic meadows i frolic in the warm sunshine of the souls love while ancient and modern wisdom dance within the core of my sacred being.

create a place of sacredness where you may experience a deeper connection with your sacred self and yours will be a path of poetic alchemy in which you live through your heart as you are embraced with personal peace and wellness.

beautiful things come to those who use their natural powers and universal life force energy to make mindful choices that benefit all and contribute to the greater good.

embrace who you truly are and you will grow with courage as you cultivate a sacred life that opens the heart and spirit.

wise and powerful are those who realize that theirs is an extraordinary story and life is a celebration of love.

true understanding of your authentic spiritual self fosters positive growth and sacred living.

you have within you intuitive gifts which when used purify and uplift your journey with powerful waves of profound spiritual transformation.

ours is a celestial adventure and by loving and accepting ourselves we attract an abundance of joy that expands our awareness and rejuvenates the heart and soul.

a sincere smile is a stunningly beautiful pure expression of love that fills the world with spiritual vibrations which enlighten and sacred blessings that nourish.

choose to be kind as kindness empowers our life with simple pleasures that make us feel good about who we are.

yours is a totally unique journey embraced by the energy of the universe in which the eyes of the soul sparkle whenever you share the gift of who you are to inspire personal growth and a true love for people.

we experience miraculous and magickal things when we cultivate true love and kindness.

in the desert i grow, in the darkness i shine and in the wilderness of my existence i survive. i am a precious soul and i am meant to be here.

focus on your blessings and you will be grateful to be alive for you are a sacred vibrational being of light whose blessings are many.

look deeply into the heart of who you are and you will discover your inner life force whose radiant power will inspire you to embrace and accept the joy that is your birthright.

speak your truth with an open heart as you love yourself completely and your path will be cleared and purified with blessings from the universe.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gift yourself with the same Love you bestow upon Others

yours is a healing spirit that heals and transforms your life when you gift yourself with the same love you bestow upon others.

a truly awakened life is one of endless possibilities and mystical realities in which you embrace each and every day with those sacred aspects of your cosmic self that are beautiful, bountiful and blessed.

deep within our soul there are deeply transformative tools waiting for us to arrive home and build a new reality free of worry where light flows through every window and love greets us at every door.

courage and kindness help make our journey one of conscious love in which we create an atmosphere of sacred beauty that manifests ecstatic bliss.

you have sacred gifts to contribute to the world and if you begin by bestowing them upon your most magnificent self you free from within rich life force energies of authentic spiritual love.

awareness of spirit creates new possibilities that reveal our cosmic purpose and makes ours a divinely powerful life of love.

when you climb the tree of your life and look closely you see meaning and purpose in every leaf.

awaken to the truth of who you are and share your radiant powers and unique gifts for it is through belief and awareness of self that love emerges naturally from within and our sacred destiny is revealed.

a smile if accepted and shared creates within us a spiritual epiphany that bathes our heart and soul in enlightened awareness and infinite love.

in dreams i travel through cosmic dimensions whose radiant powers fill me with deeper levels of awareness so that when i awake i am immersed in profound universal forces of self liberation and sacred realization that guide me into the light.

the reality of spirit is that it has empowering benefits which are set free into our world when with clarity of intention we devote ourselves to living a deeply compassionate life of love.

we are all miraculous beings of profound inspiration who make the world better when we share our passions and purpose.

open your sacred heart to your deepest heartfelt desires and yours will be a remarkable adventure of evolutionary idealism and positive personal truths that fill your life with kindness, compassion and love.

a soul centered life of compassionate healing that generates beauty is is ours when we inwardly and outwardly give and receive love.

with gentle kindness act on your good intentions and yours will be a far more miraculous path of vibrational harmony and sacred beauty.

mindful exploration of the simple pleasures in life is an act of deep spiritual significance that inspires within us powerful personal change.

it is the choice to live a heart centered life that creates for us a glorious journey whose positive energy stream helps make the world a better place.

we breathe new life into our world and bring forth the beauty within when we cultivate self love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One