Thursday, April 27, 2017

I Am On A Path Of Powerful Mindfulness

i am on a path of powerful mindfulness, mystical truths, profound understanding and sacred completeness where every moment is blessed beyond belief for i am a being born of love on a journey into the light.

build with me a foundation of love that our house may be a spiritual sanctuary of deep sacred wisdom that illuminates the infinite while nurturing positive relationships which unite heart to heart and soul to soul.

loving acceptance of who we truly are expands life beyond expectations by inspiring us to help each other grow in a joyous and uplifting manner that serves the highest good.

you are a radiant celestial being on a richly rewarding voyage of spiritual triumph that illuminates your life in enlivening and extraordinary ways.

explore your gifts and you will discover a higher conscious which will empower you to invite the divine into your life that you may feast on all things sacred.

deepen your connection to life by fully embracing the spiritual as you shape your story in lovingly positive ways.

you are a beautiful star and by living your truth with absolute authenticity you venture through fields of transformation where you radiate love with every soulful step you take.

powerful inspiring messages filled with love and blossoming beauty come from the heavens and embrace our world with joy and bliss. our mission is to be aware of their presence and open our mind, body, heart and soul to their sacred wisdom.

embody the heart and spirit of your true self and you will experience the extraordinary as you awaken the sacred and illuminate the soul.

with every breath comes an opportunity for enlightenment for we are alive and that in itself is a blessing of spiritual transcendence from which we can manifest miracles.

generous giving people are beautiful vessels of light and spiritual aliveness who create loving environments that cultivate joy.

embrace each moment with love and yours will be an adventurous journey of soul nourishing experiences in which you see the true beauty of who you are and the world around you.

a positive relationship with yourself creates a blessed unfolding of innate sacredness which brings profound peace and joy to your heart and soul.

have more faith in yourself as doing so will inspire you to live a more choiceful life of spiritual exploration where you vibrate with positive energy as your message of love embraces the world with deeper purpose and meaning.

giving and receiving love are powerfully healing acts of sacredness that shine a light on the celestial beauty of our unique mission and divine path.

amazing moments of immense spiritual growth come to us when we nurture and support others in beautifully inspiring ways.

we attract a more joyful life in which we receive the greatest gifts when we truly love ourselves.

i am on a life loving spiritual journey of heart based wellness in which i celebrate my existence by embracing each day with love and respect for myself and others.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Compassionate Self Care and Profound Contentment

you serve your ancient self and the sacred within when you let your soul guide you along a path of compassionate self care and profound contentment.

ours is an evolving consciousness that provides us with a greater connection to spirit when we walk our path with courage and clarity as we embrace life to the fullest.

we have within us healing forces and natural intuitive abilities of metaphysical significance which unfold into our lives in miraculous ways when we use these gifts to serve the greater good.

may ours be a sacred community of graceful power where everyone expresses their heart in deeply fulfilling ways that nourish the soul with radiant wellness.

it is the realization that we are on a unique poetic path of higher vibrational awareness that transforms our being and inspires us to develop our divine gifts as we master lifes challenges.

give your life to love for love is a sacred elixir that feeds the heart and soul with divine treasures while stimulating growth and liberating your natural power.

a harmonious joyful existence whose transformational benefits are miraculous is the blessing we receive when we realize that we are a beautiful work of art and share that beauty with the world in open hearted ways that awaken others to their own greatness and glory.

a more impactful life of harmony and healing that activates and empowers our karmic destiny is the reward we gift ourselves with when we engage in transformative practices that sweetly embrace a higher purpose.

we have the ability to heal ourselves for we have within us sacred celestial energy which unfolds into our world when we hear the call of a positive life path and answer by makings ours a voyage of life changing experiences in which we see spirit in all things.

life is a sacred dance of magnificent grace that weaves soul into our journey when we seek to serve the highest good in meaningful and satisfying ways.

positive energy that is inspiring and engaging flows through us creating a light within which when shared with others enhances our spiritual evolution while embracing our divine essence.

we are heart centered beings who by living our true nature ensure life becomes a profound and uplifting path of love.

you are a living source of energy with extraordinary sacred abilities whose gentle and loving essence enhances happiness. open yourself fully to the beauty of who you are as by doing so you will guide and empower yourself to become the glorious being you have always truly been.

listen to the voice within for it is the voice of ancient knowledge whose message if followed will ignite your passions while guiding you to higher forms of consciousness where you may embrace and embody sacred love.

i have in my life walked pathways of perception, exploration and discovery which have infused my journey with a transcendent power that embraces and embodies the sacred beauty of my true self.

by opening gateways of gratitude we facilitate a vibrational transformation that brings into our lives enriching relationships of profound love.

greater self respect creates a flow of energy in our lives that enables us to make soul level connections which guide us to sacred realms and mystical experiences.

the spirit is calling us to live and love fully and by listening to its message and believing in its truth ours will be a path of deeply empowering experiences where with every breath we create miracles.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Purposeful Ethereal Actions and Transformational Faith

purposeful ethereal actions and transformational faith are sacred choices we make that illuminate and enlighten our path with spiritual insights that deepen our understanding of the divine beauty of our being.

practice lovingkindness and yours will be an awakened journey of bliss, abundance and joyful aliveness that opens doorways to true happiness.

a more meaningful life in which we truly thrive is ours when we live our deepest spiritual nature with self love and respect.

a positive outlook and holistic intentions are blessings that magickally unfold into pure awareness and a joyful state of being when you share their glorious beauty with the world.

beautiful flowing energy cascades through your existence when you seek to use your unique and powerful essence to change the world.

navigate your life authentically and your path will be one of awakening where you achieve greater wisdom as you enrich the soul with profound spiritual experiences.

we are love hearted people who benefit tremendously when we share that love for doing so facilitates a path of compassion and kindness which transports us to deeper levels of spirit.

listen deeply to the voice within and you will grow and prosper into your natural radiance as you are gifted by the universe with freedom of mind and spirit.

believe in the truth that you are a deep source of strength, spirit and inspiration as this will bless you with deeper self awareness and life changing realizations that liberate the soul while enabling you to live with more joy.

use the transformative powers within to create a life of compassionate relationships and your journey will be an adventurous exploration of unique beauty overflowing with love where you experience wholeness and happiness.

you have the ability to help and heal yourself and others. open the gateway to these gifts by giving and receiving from the heart as you embrace a lifetime of love.

it is by embodying our true nature that we strengthen the spirit and journey to wellness as our life becomes a blessing of greater satisfaction and sacred brilliance.

stronger spiritual bonds help make us positive happy people who walk a higher path of divine revelations to a world of greater peace and freedom.

through gratitude we grow and a miraculous transformation takes place in which we experience our spiritual divinity as we move forward into a more joyous life.

you are a positive loving force by believing in yourself you become a conscious creator who makes magickal things happen.

live with purpose and meaning as you explore the extraordinary for this will inspire greater happiness while manifesting meaningful connections that embrace the essence of love within.

follow your joy and something truly special will occur which will give you a positive spiritual perspective that will make it easier for you to manifest your desires.

celebrate your life by honoring your spirit as this will impact the world around you with blessings and miracles.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Create a Happier Life of True Joy

we are spiritually infused beings on a soul awakening journey of self discovery who by nurturing the heart and soul create a happier life of true joy.

the heavens rejoice when you use your kind and caring presence to open windows of spirit and light the lamp of love.

we are conduits for love, hope and inspiration and by sharing our insights and experiences with others we honor our path as we take the actions necessary to transform.

you are the creator of your own reality who has the gift of spiritual alchemy. make the choice to live your greatest purpose as you manifest a luminous and vibrant world of bliss and blessings.

the energy of the soul produces within us a treasure trove of sacred thoughts which inspire actions that activate love.

it is by living our truest self and walking our path mindfully that we radiate joy and cultivate a happy life.

live your spirituality and your life will change in wonderful ways that allow you to feel more freedom as you experience enlightened oneness and journey to the highest and greatest good.

open your eyes to the truth that yours is a richly blossoming soul expanding journey that lifts hearts into a blissful state of being as you spread love and light into the world.

the more aware you become the more mystical experiences you invite into your life.

we cleanse our heart and soul when we bathe in the ocean of love and compassion for they are blessings of spirit that wash away our troubles and fears.

let the pure energy of love within your heart guide you on your journey and it will lead you down a path of light that is spiritually beneficial to yourself and others for the heart is a divine instrument of ethereal truth and beauty.

lovingly walk this earth with an openness to spirit and you will create a profoundly inspired journey of passion and purpose in which you live an authentic life of sacred beauty.

a nurturing environment facilitates change while opening us to a higher vibrational frequency in which we are blessed with divinely inspired messages that allow us to experience who we truly are.

spiritual exploration is a profoundly life changing act that provides us with opportunities for healing which awaken our shamanic self and lead us to a miraculous world of insight and inspiration.

loving relationships increase well being and accelerate evolution by enlightening our reality and empowering our existence.

look into the garden of your soul for there you will find extraordinary powers that will help you alchemically transform as you connect through mind and spirit to your own true magnificence.

may yours be a unique healing journey of empowering beliefs in which you walk luminous pathways to places of spiritual freedom where you are embraced by the greatest blessings.

we gain greater awareness when we look at the world through eyes of spirit as this allows us to see humanity differently which inspires us to live a more authentic life of purpose.


MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Live and Love your Life Purpose

live and love your life purpose as doing so is a soul fulfilling choice that enhances well being while creating a world of unique powerful positive transformation.

you are truly gifted and by sharing those gifts you manifest a greater awareness which opens your world to spiritual truths and healing harmonic vibrations that guide you to metaphysical, esoteric and sacred realms of love and light.

you are truly gifted and by believing in yourself you experience deep inner peace as you venture down a path of mystical experiences that make you feel more empowered every day as the life force flows through you.

joyously express your innate sacred gifts and you create an abundant flow of love within which opens the heart fully while improving the quality of your life.

we are highly evolved spiritual beings and by living this truth we experience the essence of who we are in ways that purify our thoughts and promote positivity.

we enjoy real happiness when we endeavor to make ours a life based on love for love carries with it a compassionate energy that empowers and enlightens.

you experience extraordinary insight and expanded awareness when you listen to the voice of love for it has a wisdom that will connect you to the sacred.

yours is a sacred love story of an inspiring journey that illuminates the world with the empowering and affirming energy of a life well lived.

nourish the fire within and you empower your life as you walk a path of pure energy where you become fully who you are meant to be.

you are an infinite radiant being . you are a beautiful soul. follow your own truth and yours will be a journey of inspirational exploration that opens peoples hearts to the miracle of who you are.

we create healthy relationships when we live fully and share our divine gifts for these are acts of kindness and compassion which help us to see and experience true joy.

embrace who you are as you express your authentic self and yours will be a deeply powerful journey that is guided by soul in which a new way of being emerges.

joyful self acceptance creates within us real positive change which inspires the power of our beliefs to unfold naturally that we may grow spiritually as we openly and honestly make our dreams come true.

explore and experience the greatness of your heart as this will nourish the fire within while building a positive foundation from which you can manifest miracles of love and light.

extraordinary gifts flow from the heart when we live our love by sharing the beauty of who we are in kind and compassionate ways that benefit the greater good of all.

we see the good within our world when we pray at the temple of the soul as this is a sacred ceremony that purifies the spirit and lights the way to the divine self.

O adventurous spirit dance with me under the healing light of the soul and ours will be a miraculous journey of passionate loving kindness to celestial gardens and angelic realms.

nourish your spiritual self with a deep lasting love and you create a better life in which you are more able to be all that you are.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Walk With Me Along Pathways Of Hope

walk with me along pathways of hope where sacred connections create magickal experiences that heal us spiritually while embracing the soul of who we are.

spiritually satisfying vibrations of energy help us evolve and grow when we make self honoring choices that embrace our true sacred nature.

there is a transformational power to sacred living which opens for us a universe of possibilities when we show ourselves the love and respect we deserve.

within you is a gentle soul and rich spiritual landscape that serves as a light that uplifts and inspires when you walk a path which truly benefits all.

we are absolutely remarkable beings and by looking at the world with greater clarity we improve the quality of our lives which makes our journey an enchanted one of divine purpose and sacred meaning.

you are a beautiful soul and when you share your love with the world you shine brightly that all may see your magnificence and experience the miracle of who you are .

seek to become your best self as this will transform and heal your life while touching the hearts of others in profound ways that infuse their world with spirit.

it is by living from a place of wholeness that we find peace within and begin down a road of truly special experiences and divine spiritual connections.

loving yourself invites the powers of the universe into your life which changes who you are
at a soul level while guiding you to a higher source of beauty, truth, insight and inspiration.

we are celestial messengers and by embracing our gifts we create deeply nourishing spiritual realities that have a profound positive impact on this world and beyond.

set your spirit free and soar with me beyond humanity to a new reality of energetic awareness and heartfelt relationships where we may live peacefully in a culture of happiness.

invigorate your life with divine living and yours will be a unique soul path in full bloom that creates circle of love and light which serve the highest good.

we ignite the spirit and empower ourselves when we share our positive healing energy with the world.

embrace and celebrate your extraordinary journey for yours is a holistic spiritual life in which you heal yourself and others with every smile and act of kindness.

profoundly and deeply explore the greater depths of your being and you will discover divine messages of love which will guide you to a world of enlightenment where miracles happen.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

You are a Transformational Creation of Purity and Divinity

you are a transformational creation of purity and divinity. an illumined being of love whose greatest self is sacred. live the truth of who you are and you will integrate joy into your life as you become more fully alive.

the greater our love for humanity the more likely we are to be guided by spirit through this sacred earth to a deeply beautiful garden of light where we may experience peace within as we live an empowered enlightened life.

the power of the universe is within every soul and by loving ourselves and each other we release that energy into the world which makes our journey a magickal one of the highest good.

come home to who you are. to your true beauty. to your divine blessings. to your extraordinary essence. to your sacred love. come home to who you have always been.

the time has come to be joyful. the opportunity to love has arrived. we have come to a place in our existence where we are surrounded by magnificent realities. look with eyes of spirit and see the miracles you are immersed in. life is not about finding anything, its about seeing whats already there and embracing it fully with your mind, body and soul.

to fully love and accept who we are is to awaken our soul as this is a sacred gift that connects us to our higher self by opening us to all that is beautiful within.

believe in and embrace your celestial consciousness as this will immerse your spirit and soul in wellsprings of invigorating insights which will awaken you to the miracle of your journey.

dwell in the depths of your intuitive powers and you will enliven your soul as you live your dreams and experience your greatness .

good intentions make us feel extraordinarily alive as they make ours a radiant life of spirit and heart based transformation.

you are a healer and teacher of unique purpose whose love infused life is a profound truth that stimulates well being and nourishes the divine.

sacred practices are blessings of great worth and value which enrich and uplift lives in inspiring and beautiful ways that enliven the spirit and make miracles happen.

our spirits dance when we awaken to the truth that we are celestial beings for it is a realization which connects us to life at a soul level.

peace and personal empowerment come when we love and care for ourselves as this brings more joy into our lives by inspiring within us a sacred flourishing.

a purposeful path in which we live our spirit by approaching life in compassionate ways is one of deeper contentment and holistic sustenance that heals and awakens the heart and soul.

self empowering choices manifest a spiritual maturity which inspires us to walk our path with love and gratitude as we embrace the miracle of who we are.

listen to your sacred voice and it will lead you to beautiful heart opening experiences that allow you to see life clearly through the lens of love.

a loving heart creates more joy for it inspires change within which makes your life path powerful meaningful and miraculous.

a spiritual path to happiness is one of self love and acceptance where you step into your magnificence as you light the lamp of love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One