Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bathe the Heart and Soul in Healing Waters of Light and Love

speak the language of happiness and you will stir within you positive emotions that bathe the heart and soul in healing waters of light and love.

greater awareness in the moment creates within us a soulful reality that inspires us to set out on a journey of spiritual explorations and divine experiences.

you are blessed by spirit and when you shift your mind to this reality you feel a deep sense of joy that is empowering and nourishing.

moments of ecstasy, compassion and joy come to us when we live our life in a way that is sacred.

higher levels of happiness are reached when we help others find harmony.

walk in the light of spiritual intention and yours will be a connected compassionate path of love where you are grateful to be alive.

may we breathe in humanity as we join our hearts in friendship and bless our world with love.

choices that kindle the fires of pure deep love make ours a meaningful adventure of unyielding moments happiness that enrich and enhance our life.

the heart has within it treasures of loving kindness and compassionate guidance which weave their way into our lives when we make choices that honor the divine beauty of our soul and spirit.

we at any time we so choose can make this a beautiful time of celebration where we rejoice in the sacred waters of inspiration as we manifest a blessed state of bliss.

fully appreciate the wisdom of your guides and angels by reaching beyond your limits to that place of soul transcendence where the reality of spirit connects you to the sacred source of life.

t he power of creation becomes visible to us when we allow ourselves the freedom to shine our true essence on the world.

passionate nurturing relationships teach us that transformation is divine and that we are sacred beings worthy of love.

illuminate the way with a true sense of purpose that embodies love and yours will be an unfolding truth of spiritual blossoming and sacred camaraderie.

mindful self compassion and unwavering devotion to a life of love are blessings that make ours an empowered fulfilling path of glory and goodness.

we are living beings of light with spiritual healing powers who were born to walk this earth in authentic meaningful ways that serve the highest good.

the soul is an empathic and nurturing part of our authentic self whose flow of inspiration creates experiences of inner peace when we show ourselves the love we deserve.

you are truly a gift. an ethereal treasure designed by love whose essence blesses the world.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Live Your True Spiritual Potential

live wisely. live your true spiritual potential. live lovingly. live your total self. live joyously. live in service to humanity. it is your life to live so live it in a manner that brings you the greatest happiness.

there is soul based energy within you which when discovered becomes a powerful catalyst for growth and transformation.

nurture and nourish your heart for a healthier heart attracts rewarding relationships that open us to a world of spirit where we experience tremendous love.

use the power within to fuel your life with optimism and positivity as this will create an atmosphere of miraculous blessings.

look at life from a spiritual perspective as this will restore balance to your being.

shape your life in unique ways that foster positive growth and yours will be a world of soul soothing experiences and sacred encounters that light a path to meaning and contentment.

ride the waves of the intuitive energies flowing freely within and you will be guided to a place of purification where you may live in the light of true sacred beauty.

spiritual inclinations and intentions bring us balance, harmony, greater good fortune and ultimate personal growth.

your vibrational essence has great healing powers and by making compassionate choices those blessings make their way into every aspect of your existence which creates a higher quality of life.

give more love to yourself and your sacred beauty will blossom in ways that make you feel more open and alive.

metaphysical wellness and greater wellbeing come our way when we communicate with spirit the true glory of our existence.

embrace the oceans of energy within and your journey will be one of self healing and empowerment.

emotional and spiritual wellbeing comes to us when we use our innate healing powers to gently and compassionately create practices that enrich and empower our life and the lives of others.

spiritual encounters are sacred blessings that create within us a higher vibration of love.

we evolve at a soul level when we care four ourselves lovingly and spiritually.

live your true purpose by allowing the love, joy and purity of energy within your heart to touch and transform the world around you.

listen to the whispers of your spirit and the voice of your soul and they will embrace your life with profound messages of love that guide you along a blissful path of discovery to a sacred environment of joy and happiness.

we accelerate our spiritual growth and discover deeper meaning in life when we look at ourselves holistically as doing so awakens the profound beauty and sacred healing energy alive within us.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Live Each Moment In A Place Of Love

mine became a more rewarding existence when i made the choice to live each moment in a place of love.

a higher state of radical awareness that serves as a source of inspiration is ours when we make karmic choices that ignite the sacred within.

allow love to flow through you and yours becomes an inspired life woven into the universe with heavenly light.

listen to your ethereal guides and they will take you on a heart opening journey along angelic pathways to your true immortal self.

use your intuitive gifts and holistic energies to walk through the light into a brand new world of powerful insights and greater awareness.

a uniquely authentic life of beauty is yours when you connect lovingly with your spiritual self.

it is by removing obstacles such as worry and stress that we are able to ignite the sacred and recognize that ours is a life of tremendous growth filled with angelic encounters and miraculous moments.

open yourself to the sacred truth that you are a powerful celestial being with empathic abilities on a deeply meaningful voyage of light to divine realms of love.

gentle loving thoughts and actions create beautiful realities that inspire us to live joyfully in each moment.

transform your ideas into choices that help you achieve greater happiness and your journey will be an empowering one where you live the life you truly desire.

may yours be a path to well being filled with compassionate connections where you gather in unity to celebrate the love that is your sacred destiny.

life is always in transition. it is an ever changing journey of blessings and miracles where we share and shine our light. embrace the beauty of each moment with radiant joy for it is a gift to be treasured.

messengers of love and light there are miracles around you. look closely with eyes of spirit and you will see oceans of sunlight that illuminate your true beauty and revitalize your heart and soul with boundless sacred energy.

eternal love flows through us and by sharing it with others we walk a path of positive results to worlds where angels dwell.

may yours be a meditative prayer of spiritual guidance that purifies your energy in a way that embraces your divinity while inspiring you to live happily and harmoniously.

express and explore the infinite well of love within as doing so will infuse your life with powerful spiritual energy.

look within yourself and you will see the heart of love which will open you to the reality that you are a heavenly being whose true nature is to embrace all humanity with angelic inspiration.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Friday, July 14, 2017

Ours Is A Magickal World

ours is a magickal world where if we nourish your souls with self love and acceptance ours becomes an uplifting story of awakened divinity.

something truly wonderful happens when we allow ourselves to be who we truly are. we are blessed with an energy that infuses our life with inner and outer happiness.

within the inner cosmos of your sacred self are mystical abilities which will unfold into your life the moment you truly love and accept that you are a sacred being worthy of bliss.

you are a beautiful work of art. a divine being soaring toward the heavens into the light of a new reality where you may share the masterpiece that is your existence with the entire universe.

we are guides and guardians and it is by seeking to be a better person and by helping others do the same that our spirit evolves and we begin to live joyfully and happily.

open the doorway to your souls light that it may illuminate your mind, body and spirit in a way that transports you to higher dimensions where you may be your true sacred self.

open yourself fully to healing, abundance and love as doing so will give birth to true freedom and bliss.

it is at that moment when you realize that the door to enlightenment has no lock that you open your world to a deeper spirituality that improves and inspires every aspect of your divine existence.

align your purpose with the natural energies within you and yours will be a good life in which you explore and experience ethereal dimensions and enchanted realms of love.

we are blessed beings and by listening to the divine guidance emanating from our soul we elevate our true authentic self to a place of great love and ecstatic happiness.

awaken the healer within by shining a mystical light of joy on the wisdom of your heart that you may see its sacred truths unfold beautifully along your path.

prepare yourself spiritually for a world more open to love by believing there is happiness within you which if shared will attract and invite great blessings into your life.

a happy heart and a generous spirit help us to become the fully evolved beings that we are meant to be.

loving relationships shine a sacred healing light on the true beauty of who we are which creates greater joy and happiness in our lives.

an optimistic outlook and positive attitude are empowering spiritual tools that lead us on a path of true self realization that promotes healing and facilitates joy.

we find deeper meaning in our lives when we follow the guiding light of spirit to mystical dimensions and angelic realms where true well being and divine love await our arrival.

you are a powerful force and when you illuminate the spiritual you liberate your life and the joy within unfolds into every step along your path.

we are sacred beings of worth and by embracing this truth and living our light we create journeys of joy that make ours an amazing spiritual life of love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Pure Healing Light Of A Love Most Sacred

a deep exploration of the self reveals a highly evolved spirit which when awakened and set free blankets our life with the pure healing light of a love most sacred.

from a spiritual perspective embrace new paradigms and you will gain wisdom and insight that pampers the heart and uplifts the soul.

healing happens when we have a greater sense of self worth.

you are an extraordinary being in a mystical magickal universe and by engaging in positive practices that embrace the energies of creation you open your life to wonderful opportunities and higher vibrational frequencies that illuminate your beautiful existence.

divine acts of self empowerment fill your whole being with light and your entire journey with miracles.

being kind and gentle opens us to gardens of positive energy and paths of spiritual freedom.

you are born with intuitive powers and divine abilities which through positive self reflection reveal themselves.

a positive response to the healing voice of the sacred creates within us the highest vibrations which blanket our soul with evolutionary insights that inspire us to spread our wings and share our love like butterflies of spirit.

sacred self acceptance illuminates and purifies our path as it releases the generosity within our core that all the world may see and experience the depths of our soul.

absorb the positive energies of the world around you and radiate inwards as this will have profound healing effects that light the lamp of awareness while purifying your sacred celestial heart.

an energized and beautiful life free from limitations that opens the heart and nourishes the soul is a gift you bestow upon yourself when you live your true authentic sacred destiny.

yours is a compassionate heart and when you share it with the world you awaken the beautiful life changing forces within.

your true spiritual home is one of light, love, wholeness and fulfillment where every day is a blessing of divine alchemy and sacred beauty. the time has come to make your way home.

life loves you and it is this spiritual realization that will guide you to enlightened landscapes of divine contentment.

love yourself completely and the universe will reward you with inspiring gifts and esoteric experiences that raise the soul to a higher level.

in fields of energy may we gather as one to create a sanctuary of peace that touches enlightenment and inspires spiritual ecstasy.

the authentic creation of a sacred dwelling place opens the heart and soul in a way that allows our true compassion and basic goodness to flow freely into the world.

we have within us something extraordinary. a pure loving power and healing force which when explored and truly experienced opens us fully to the beauty of being and changes our life in miraculous ways.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Spirit of Love Awakens our Gifts

the spirit of love awakens our gifts which helps us create divine connections that inspire, empower and enrich every moment of our lives.

an extraordinarily beautiful mystical life of blissful tranquility awaits your arrival home.

know this to be a profound truth: you are a beautiful soul who enriches lives with your positive spiritual light and love.

the cleansing waters of compassion and nourishing wellsprings of spirit fill our lives with precious moments that flow with positive energy when we open ourselves fully to their divine glory.

our true nature and identity are blessings of divine radiance which guide us to oneness with all life when we immerse ourselves in the rich sacred insights of our heart and soul.

embrace the beauty of your true authentic self and let your highest aspiration be to uniquely express your love in joyful ways that open gateways to enlightenment.

may today be a glorious new beginning of gentle caring where you discover the spiritual powers of your true self and use those blessings to enrich your path, enchant your world and enlighten your life.

celebrate your uniqueness by sharing with the world the beauty that flows through you and the love that is the essence of who you are.

make your path a beautifully inspiring prayer of universal love and its deep healing powers will wrap your soul in heavenly light that you may know, feel and experience the glory and greatness of the god and goddess within.

passion, joy, truth and beauty are the rare treasures we discover when we embrace the vital energies of the universe and use them to make our life a sacred sanctuary of love and light.

use the rich resources of the soul to expand awareness and promote well being as doing so harnesses your sacred energies and positively transforms your life.

at the core of who we are there is a reservoir of powerful healing vibrations and pure awareness which enliven the spirit when we live our lives boldly with love as our ultimate goal.

pure consciousness uplifts the soul and fills your life with magickal treasures that light the flame of desire and infuse your path with the knowledge that you are a source of goodness meant to embrace the extraordinary.

love and freedom dwell within the sacred energy of your existence and by sharing those blessings with the world yours becomes a beautifully rich life of higher purpose.

ours is a cyclical existence. we have been here before and we shall be here again. let us embrace our cosmic roots and live each lifetime with the intent of touching enlightenment and embracing a sacred sense of reverence.

through greater self knowledge the heart and soul grow which wraps our life in the sunshine of sacredness and leads us to absolute joy.

we live our highest celestial self when we embrace our gifts and express our beauty in a way that profoundly impacts the world around us.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Purposeful Path

a purposeful path where you share the good with all people as you bless them with love is a choice that one can make which invites the cosmic energies of the universe to shine a light on the true beauty of our existence.

with vibrant enthusiasm embrace the vital life force and use its sacred energies to create a safe nurturing environment where you can discover your true abilities and make a positive difference.

the more you enjoy being alive the better your life will be. make a conscious choice to do your best to make each moment something beautiful. see every step along the way as an opportunity to bring light into your world. let this be the day that you truly enjoy being alive.

know that you are a truly amazing angelic being of light for it is the knowledge of our divine glory that makes life a rewarding journey in which we walk with spirit on our way home to the soul.

from the spiritual fabric of life let us weave a wardrobe of love and light that warms the heart of humanity.

live more fully in the moment by sharing your generous spirit with the world as this will create meaningful experiences that embrace your path with waves of love.

when your intention is love the results are positively promising blessings that manifest experiences which inspire. for within love are sacred energies that make our unique life journey one of wellness and wholeness.

be a facilitator of love whose divine blueprint is one of energy and intuition that connects with the spirits while embracing the fullness of life with healing vibrational energy.

you cannot break me for i am already broken. you cannot hurt me for i have taken the shattered pieces of my battered existence and with them created a mosaic of strength , courage, happiness and joy. you cannot break me for in my brokenness i have become a butterfly of sacred beauty whose wings wrap my world in love.

life is spiritually empowered with ancient knowledge which embraces our journey with love when with profound respect and sacred passion we set our intentions to serving the greatest good.

i am grateful for the experience of being alive for life has given me the opportunity to love deeply from the heart while inspiring within me a willingness to share the joy and beauty of who i am.

start healing yourself. you have within you powerful tools with which to transform your life. look closely and you will discover a multitude of loving sacred gifts within the heart and soul of who you are. start loving yourself.

i am tired of being tired of tiring people whose ignorance and prejudice darken our world. so i have chosen on this day to enter an energetic state of deeper awareness that opens my heart and soul to harmony and healing which i will share in the hope that it will awaken those who darken our doors to the light of a better more loving world.

deep meaningful and more harmonious our lives become when we make the effort to help heal ourselves for it is by being brave enough to truly and freely give ourselves the love we deserve that we transform and transcend.

a smile is a vibrant expression of love which when shared honestly and sincerely can create unique, unforgettable and magnificent experiences that are blessed beyond measure.