Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We are Ancient Beings woven by Spirit

we are ancient beings woven by spirit with a deep capacity for love whose path and purpose are uniquely transformative blessings that impact our world in profoundly positive ways.

engage the deepest parts of yourself and you will discover universal powers which spiritually improve and inspire every aspect of your existence.

you are a powerful life force whose beautiful loving spirit is a blessing that nourishes, nurtures, inspires and enlightens.

love is your true nature and by sharing its beauty with others you radiate light as you lift the atmosphere in ways which embrace the infinite with life changing realizations that inspire joyous well being.

nourish yourself with inspirational experiences that embrace the heart and yours will be a loving journey of greater happiness that opens gateways to higher realms of love and light.

you are a truly miraculous being and when you accept this reality you connect to your light and life becomes a treasure trove of sacred experiences.

in the spirit of love awaken this day with the intention of celebrating life and activating your higher consciousness as you live your dreams and visions.

transcendent is the truth that you are a celestial being of cosmic beauty whose unique essence blesses the universe with light and love.

be more sensitive to your needs by living each moment with pure love as your guide and positive intention as your sacred companion.

embark on a journey of truth where you uncover your hidden gifts and use them to embrace the world with the beautiful lightness of your being.

you have the power to transform and the more aware you are of this reality the more likely it is that you will hear the voice of spirit and walk a sacred path that unfolds into enlightenment.

within the heart of my reality is a place of light where the love powered energy of my sacred essence awakens me to a consciousness of divine truth which inspires me to help others thrive as I help myself create the life I deserve.

you are a precious resource who with every smile serves humanity a dinner of divine inspiration that nourishes the heart and soul.

the healing power of love is a magnificent gift which when shared embraces our path with a spiritual light that makes ours a miraculous journey of joy and bliss.

nourished and enlightened are they who with meaningful purpose see clearly the beauty of life and share that sacred blessing with every soul they meet.

dedicate each day to connecting with spirit minded souls in beautiful ways and you will find joy and serenity as you ascend to a place of pure love and light.

powerfully enlightening is the life force energy that resides within for it is a blessing which when truly embraced helps us to create a life rooted in love.

a pure life blessed with beauty is ours when we make it our intention to walk a path that serves the betterment of all in ways that cultivate spiritual enlightenment.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 7, 2017

I was Awakened by my Higher Self Today

I was awakened by my higher self today which inspired within me a deep transformation that has motivated me to celebrate being alive by loving myself and others in immeasurable ways that embrace the world with gentleness and generosity.

miracles happen when we make it our intention to serve humanity to the fullest. helping others manifests joy while nurturing the divine.

let love help you heal. let a smile illuminate your path. let a laugh ease your load. the quality of life improves when we allow simple pleasures to raise our spirit and enlighten our soul.

cherish yourself for you are a special gift whose eternal light awakens joy and embraces bliss bliss while giving birth to beautiful new realities.

share your uniquely precious essence with the world as the beauty of who you are will open minds, touch hearts and inspire souls in ways that make each moment alive with spirit.

may yours be a poetic reality in which you live beautifully as your flowering spirit awakens you to the true joy of life.

it was at the moment that I began to truly believe that I deserved better that I started to find inspiration in every breath and my heart opened completely to the true beauty of life.

bliss exists for I have seen it in the face of a child and watched its beauty turn into a smile that embraced life with joy.

create with me a tapestry of spirit that smiles joyously at the soul nourishing adventure that is life and ours will be a more loving relationship with the world.

open doorways of awareness and gateways of awakening as these are actions of light and love that will inspire you to blossom fully into the sacred flower touched by grace that is your destiny.

a life graced with love is a blessing that embraces the truth, beauty and wisdom imprinted on the heart and releases it into the atmosphere of our existence in joyfully compassionate ways.

energy flows freely from the soul when we shine our spiritual healing light on others for by doing so we begin to breathe in the joy and beauty of our glorious existence.

the time has come to give birth to the beauty within the womb of your soul that all the world may see and experience the glory and greatness of your true sacred self.

we begin to awaken to the beauty and truth of our sacred existence when we seek to contribute positively to the world as we venture joyously into the heart of love.

in your heart there are miracles which are released into the world when you show yourself and others love, compassion and kindness.

walk with me where friendship blooms and together we will plant seeds of hope and inspiration from which abundant creative energy will flow that will transform our world.

let love light the way ahead and you will see blessings along your path that awaken the spirit and embrace your life with feelings of bliss.

breathe new life into your journey and open your heart to new experiences of love. the world you want is yours to create.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 30, 2017

I am thankful on this Day for my Unwavering Belief in Love

I am thankful on this day for my unwavering belief in love for it is love that transformed my life and helped me become the sweet sacred soul I was born to be.

enjoy the beauty of your existence for you are at your core a sacred work of art whose heart and soul are breathtaking masterpieces of heavenly light.

I have multiple spiritualities and each one purifies and energizes every aspect of my sweet sacred existence.

you improve the quality of your life when the faith you have in yourself is strong and the love you have for yourself is unconditional.

thank you said the spirit, you're welcome said the soul and bless you both said the heart. these are the words I hear when I listen to the voices within.

immerse yourself in the curative powers of the soul and you will blossom in unique and amazing ways that fill each moment with love and light.

may yours be a miraculous journey of spiritual healing where with higher purpose and vision you connect with others in ways that enrich and enhance your experience of being alive.

we are shamans and mystics with the ability to uplift humanity and transform our world. to do so we must first believe that we are shamans and mystics with the ability to uplift humanity and transform our world.

we heal, grow, awaken and evolve into mystical beings of conscious intention when with love and gratitude we honor and embrace the true miracle of the self.

sail with me on seas of spirit where sacred winds guide us beyond our reality to worlds of greater joy and happiness where we truly experience the miracle of our existence.

the pure positive energy of the heart when shared gives us a more meaningful experience of life which leads us beyond our reality to sacred realms and divine dimensions.

in service to the light I share the sacredness within for I am a being of infinite love that is here to do good.

weave with me a unique and illuminating tapestry of sacred beauty that honours mother earth and embraces the powers of the universe.

I have awakened on this day with the intention of being love and the awareness that I am a force of light who has the ability to touch the heart and soul of humanity.

within you are sacred gifts and when you open those gifts you discover true peace and happiness.

miraculous things occur when we devote our life to serving others for kindness and compassion are seeds of spirit from which miracles grow.

listen to your angels for they will help you find the love within which will awaken your purpose and change your life in meaningful ways that guide you toward the light.

the journey of life is about becoming whole and the more you love yourself the sooner you blossom into wholeness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ride the Waves of your Innate Goodness

ride the waves of your innate goodness home to that place in the heart where kindness and compassion await your arrival home to your true self.

by being wide open and receptive to life we awaken the heart and connect to the divine which moves us forward positively toward the heavens of our dreams.

you are at any time capable of guiding your own journey in any direction you desire.

engage with others in meaningful ways that light the sky with joyful beauty and you will ascend to a place of spiritual purity where true love is sown into the fabric of your existence.

greater happiness is a choice we make that connects us to our higher self and guides us on a journey of light that raises our vibration while bringing love and joy to everyone.

let yourself blossom as doing so will enhance your spirit and bring peace to your heart.

it was when I decided to live my radiance that the light within illuminated for me a path of mystical experiences and miraculous truths that made mine an extraordinary story of ecstatic awareness and esoteric awakening.

deepening our spirituality opens us to the souls healing powers which creates for us a sacred environment of ethereal beauty and infinite blessings.

there are wellsprings of love within us which unfold into our lives when we open our heart and soul to others in uplifting ways that bring greater joy and happiness to all.

the miracle of self is that at any given moment we can choose to heal, evolve and change our state of being.

explore your sacred spiritual gifts by looking beyond what you can see for it is in other realms and dimensions that you will discover your higher purpose.

mystical experiences filled with miracles come our way when we holistically and spiritually connect with ourselves, others, the world and the universe.

treat yourself with love and respect for you are a divine messenger of light whose destiny is to know and experience bliss.

compassionate actions are heavenly hugs that illuminate our blessings and make us feel better about ourselves.

you connect to the source by loving yourself and others in ways that create an atmosphere of happiness and an environment of healing.

breathtakingly beautiful are the hearts of those gentle souls whose purpose and passion is helping others.

every moment in time is the time to change for change is a gift of spirit flowing throughout our existence waiting to be embraced and shared.

dance with your true sacred self to the symphony of the spirit and you will be blessed with a loving destiny.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 16, 2017

You Create your Soul Path and Life Purpose

you create your soul path and life purpose. not only do you create it but at any time you can change it. the realization and acceptance that we are masters of our own destiny opens us to the earthly and celestial miracles of life.

help people awaken and become more powerful by blessing them with love and compassion.

positive lifestyle choices bless us with loving energy while opening us to a world of sacred possibilities and divine opportunities.

engage in contemplative practices that draw wisdom from within and your life will change in deeply enriching ways that guide you on a journey towards joy and happiness.

I am having a love affair with spirit and it is a blessing that fills my path with life affirming experiences which inspire me to evolve into a higher being of truth and beauty.

we blossom into awakening when we live and love in unity with all that is sacred.

we have the ability to create miracles in our life. they are called children and they carry within the soul of their being all the hope and happiness needed to make the world a better place.

a vibrant harmonious and enriching life unfolds before us when we commit to having a loving rewarding relationship with our true sacred self.

I stand before you in full beauty as a sacred being with the intention of helping you lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

empower your life with joy. enrich your life with happiness. enlighten your life with love. you and you alone are the master of your fate and you have within you the tools necessary to shape your existence into something sacred and beautiful.

to each and every woman I say my intentions are pure. as a man I honour and celebrate your divine beauty and sacredness. I respect and admire the miracle of your existence. to every man I say let us as sentient beings do our utmost to see that we stand together in unity for those who have been mistreated. the time has come for every soul on earth to say no more. may we all do our utmost to stop the abuse. to each and every woman I say that you are loved. bless you all.

unfolding on your journey at every moment are blessings and miracles. to see them you must open your heart fully and allow your spirit to awaken.

we merge with the sacred when we love, respect and believe in the beauty and miracle of who we truly are.

be sure as you face the challenges life that you see within them the blessings in disguise for it is through spirit that we are able to recognize the miracles that surround us.

explore who you are and you will discover riches and treasures beyond your imagination which will guide you along a path of mystical experiences to a world of spiritual enlightenment.

you are a powerful presence whose spiritual energy makes a positive difference in peoples lives. awaken to your divine purpose by shining your light and sharing your love with all beings on sacred Mother Earth.

a heart entered life helps us see the miracles and blessings around us thereby making it possible to weave a tapestry of beauty, bliss and radiant goodwill.

enhance your life and awaken your soul by loving yourself and walking a blossoming path of spirit.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Your Soul Is Alive With Energy

your soul is alive with energy and by connecting to its radiant brilliance you create a spiritual awareness that shines a caring light on your true sacred beauty.

celebrate your spirit, celebrate your soul, celebrate your heart, celebrate your body and celebrate your mind for you are a sacred blessing to be loved, cherished and celebrated.

a positive healing lifestyle inspires within us the confidence to create the destiny of our choice.

you improve the quality of your life when you cultivate self acceptance as this is an act of kindness and compassion that fills the day with divine loving energy.

live and love more authentically and you will experience feelings of bliss that transform your life holistically and spiritually.

it is when we truly love who we are that we invite miracles into our lives which help us evolve in profoundly positive ways.

within you are delightful blessings of light which purify and heal the heart and soul when you share your passion, purpose and love with others.

we evolve and grow into sacred beings of light when we gather together to learn what makes us different and special.

embrace every experience with love and yours will be a sacred and spiritual journey of beauty and truth that opens gateways to joyous living.

with love and compassion we can create a life of wholeness and happiness overflowing with bliss.

alive with positive energy are we whose passion and purpose are to connect the heart and soul of all humanity.

speak to your heart and let its message of love open up your soul as it guides you to wellness.

with generosity of being i share with you my light and love in the hopes that you will act in kind and bless the world with your sacred essence.

when you live a life of loving tenderness in which you open your heart to others you honor who you are.

the beauty of the soul is pure and perfect. embrace that beauty with loving attentiveness and it will fill your days with life altering experiences that foster well being and manifest happiness.

with care, compassion and a clear vision of your true path, move into the light that all may see and experience the miracle of who you are.

act in greatness, live in glory and love who you are, for you are a sacred being powerful beyond measure who has the ability to inspire and change lives.

life is a pure soul experience of great joy and happiness when we believe in ourselves wholeheartedly as we thoughtfully craft our dreams into realities.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Magickal Gifts within the Core of your Being

amazingly beneficial are the magickal gifts within the core of our being when they are used to create a gentle, peaceful and enchanting environment that opens the heart and soul to the experience of love.

seek truly loving experiences that embrace the essence of who you are in metaphysically nourishing ways that lead you toward wholeness and happiness.

open your sacred toolbox and you will discover tools for spiritual growth with which you can build a foundation of love.

you have at every moment in life the opportunity to serve. you have with every choice the ability to change lives. you have in every instance the chance to shape your destiny. you are the master of your life. you are the answer you have been looking for. you are enough.

listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat and you will hear a pure and powerful song of sacred beauty that will facilitate positive change while embracing you with feelings of joy.

let your spirit soar as this is a truly transformational act of self compassion that will bring more love into your life.

the true path to happiness is one that takes us to a peaceful calming place of metaphysical spirituality and sacred healing where we live in love as we achieve wholeness for all.

empowered, enlightened and energetically cleansed are we sacred souls who live in love and serve the greatest good.

an inspired life of spirit is ours when we look at the world in a positive light as we live consciously with authentic hope and open our heart to love.

look closely at the world within your reach and you will see angels dancing all around in celebration for you are a celestial being of divine light whose every breath is a blessing.

listen to your higher self for its messages will provide you with greater hope for the future while guiding you beyond awakening to the eternal light of self awareness and empowerment.

share the gift of kindness and the powerfully transformational healing energies within and yours will be a life of miracles.

unconditional self love is a beautifully divine blessing of celestial healing which with compassionate clarity we can bless ourselves with at any time we choose.

helping and inspiring others is a beautiful and powerful gift we bestow upon the world that creates an enlightening environment in which love is the deepest truth.

commit to contributing positively to the fabric of life by weaving a world of experiential spirituality where miracles are commonplace and every breath is a blessing of love and light.

an open hearted approach to life is a source of inspiration that helps create something magickal as we embrace an enlightened state of being.

make yours a contemplative journey of spirit in harmony with all life and fill it with deep healing experiences that enlighten your being and bless your soul.

walk a pure and clear path in which you venture deeply into love as you share with the world the true beautiful nature of your being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One