Thursday, July 5, 2018

Navigate Your Life Toward Bliss

may you be invigorated by joy and inspired by happiness as you navigate your life toward bliss on this divinely beautiful day.

a smile is an expression of light and love that creates a flow of positive energy which embraces life in richly rewarding ways.

I am energy and you are energy. we are all energy and by combining our resources we can light the entire universe with love.

we are evolved souls in a world of spirit and by lovingly nurturing this truth we can be a transformative force of goodness that brings humanity from the darkness into the light.

do what gives you joy and your heart will brim with love as the light of the universe smiles down upon you.

I caught depression stresspassing in my thoughts one day and instead of letting it frighten me I walked it out of my head and into the sunlight of a brand new day.

a compassionate heart that embraces the true self is a blessing of divine beauty which when nurtured opens us fully to the goodness of life.

it is a time for positive change and by allowing our good thoughts to flower we awaken the spirit of humanity to the sacred forces of our universe and life becomes more beautiful, vibrant and alive.

there is a vision in our soul of peace. it is a gift passed down from the heavens which when shared with gives wings to our prayers.

thoughts are ideas from which we can create heartfelt and unique experiences that benefit the good of all.

celestial is the beauty of an open heart whose message is love.

love and harmony are gifts of spirit that touch the future in ways that change humanity for the better.

when we act with kindness, speak with compassion and live with love as our intention we awaken the universe within us and life becomes empowered with deep blessings of personal transformation.

with grace I welcome you to a new day of discovery where behind every smile and kindness are joys and pleasures waiting to embrace our highest self.

let us engage in a sacred dance where dreams and reality become one beautiful blessing that deepens our connection to all things spiritual.

may yours be a life touched by miracles of epic proportion in which the light of awareness guides you on a profound journey to wholeness and happiness.

a true sacred kinship with Mother Earth is healing and transformational for as our mother she is always waiting to help us navigate the path ahead joyously and lovingly.

the soul soars and the spirit flies free when we shine our light and share our dreams with love as our divine purpose.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Engage In Nourishing Practices That Nurture Your Highest Self

engage in nourishing practices that nurture your highest self and yours will be a sacred path of exploration that encompasses love.

focus on awakening the beautiful gifts within your soul and you will be rewarded with blessings of breathtaking beauty that embrace the fabric of your reality with love.

whenever we feel happiness the heart and soul fill up with glorious energies that honor all aspects of our existence with with wondrous waves of light and love.

compassion helps us heal, kindness helps us transform and love helps us live the true miracle of who we are.

mother earth is a sacred garden where seeds of happiness grow and we are here to be gardeners of spirit.

we accelerate spiritual growth by joyfully cultivating and nurturing our own magnificence.

joyful is the path of those whose intentions are pure and whose love in unconditional.

yours is a truly beautiful spirit and if you open yourself to its blessings yours will be an amazing adventure centered in awareness where dreams become realities that reach beyond the extraordinary.

true compassion is a gift to be cherished for it helps us grow into who we truly are by embracing the heart and soul with heavenly healing energies.

make yours an a soul nourishing environment illuminated by love and your higher self will reward you with spiritually satisfying experiences that empower and enlighten.

my spirit is elevated by the sincere smile of those whose love is pure for they are blessings of light who with a simple gesture can transform the world.

life becomes a wonderful adventure of soul and spirit when we with meaningful purpose connect to the source by embracing the highest good.

listen to the whispers of the heart, listen to the whispers of the spirit and listen to the whispers of the soul for within their whispers are visions, dreams and blessings that will light your world.

may yours be a heart centered path of love that touches the world with miracles which light the way to heavens of happiness.

pure is the love that shares its beauty with every heart for it is a love both ancient and sacred.

we are sacred travelers and spiritual messengers who are meant to walk this beautiful world in loving ways that change lives for the better.

the planet will awaken when we cleanse it of all the evil that lies within the heart of man.

kindness and compassion create a divine energy within us which when shared align us with our destiny while embracing us with pure profound love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Purity Of Intention

it is with purity of intention and loving awareness that I begin each day.

you are beautifully designed. you are a blessing of light whose path is connected o the cosmos. you are an immortal inspiration whose essence embodies love. I honor who you are. I celebrate who you are. I am who you are. we are one.

when we truly care for ourselves and others we make a positive and profound difference that transforms our world.

every day is miraculous, every day is magickal, every day is a blessing and every day it is great to be alive.

it was while playing with unicorns and dancing with faeries that I realized mine is a positive path of purpose and a divine life of blessings.

by putting love into everything we do we are planting seeds of kindness and compassion from which will grow a life of sacred beauty and bliss.

personal and spiritual growth are the rewards when we embrace change with open arms.

transforming is the journey whose benefits and blessings delight the heart and inspire the soul.

let us express our truth in an uplifting manner that inspires people to live a fully liberated life of love.

live radiantly and gloriously in the heart of joy as you engage in empowering actions that elevate the spirit to a place of bliss.

the beauty of who you truly are resides within the heart and by sharing that beauty you inspire humanity with a love that embraces the highest good.

we evolve as spiritual beings when we touch the heart and soul of others in gentle nurturing ways.

you awaken spiritually when you open yourself fully to life and truly love who you are.

timeless are the teachings within and if we open ourselves to their wisdom we connect to life in powerful ways that enhance every aspect of our existence.

make your choices loving, make your choices healing, make your choices inspiring and make your choices enlightening for we are beings of light who can choose to make our life something sacred and beautiful.

the essence of your true self is alive with love and when you accept and embrace this reality you begin to discover joy and see the sacred beauty of life.

dream a life that is profoundly positive and then set your intentions to manifesting that dream.

I have chosen to write a new chapter in the book of my life in which I serve a higher purpose as I awaken to the love that is my divine destiny.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Share The Natural Goodness Of Your Divine Self

share the natural goodness of your divine self and you will create positive changes which will benefit humankind.

we all have healing properties and if we believe in ourselves those blessings give us the courage to live our lives in harmony with the sacred.

you are truly remarkable and by accepting and embracing this truth you begin to live your life fully as you love yourself completely.

open yourself fully to the healing powers of spirit and yours will be a voyage of light where joy blossoms and freedom flowers.

awaken all the things within that are beautiful and share them with the world.

we see things more positively when we fully embrace the authentic beauty of who we are for it is within the heart of our sacred self where lifes true gifts reside.

a true sacred path is one of love and light in which with kindness and compassion we achieve the greatest rewards.

your soul has gifts for you which illuminate your journey when you live your life in ways that focus on the spiritual.

the more aware you are of your natural sacred abilities the greater the quality of life will be.

within every soul is a loving voice whose wisdom is a blessing of guidance and generosity that transforms our life in healing ways. listen!

live honestly with meaning and purpose as this will create profound experiences that help you awaken into a new reality of loving life affirming beauty and truth.

we achieve spiritual freedom when we embrace our true sacred self with extraordinary loving energy that ignites all that is beautiful and blessed within.

you liberate your life when you nurture your dreams in simple profound ways that transform them into realities.

honor and love yourself and yours will be a life affirming journey of purity, harmony and peace in which you are blessed by miracles that empower and enlighten.

loved ones are the true miracles in our life and by showing them kindness and compassion we live our greatness as we connect with all that is sacred.

a smile can fill the heart with joy, a laugh can inspire and uplift us in uniquely meaningful ways and a hug can infuse our lives with pure healing energy. let these be the gifts you share on this beautiful day.

allow our journey to unfold naturally by opening your heart to deep sacred beauty of your authentic self as you venture forward with positive intention and soul nourishing love.

live a spiritual life and you will connect to your soul purpose as you awaken into a world of luminous energy and remarkable beauty.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Healing Cleansing Energies

our lives are filled with profound daily experiences that are soul nourishing and our simple task is to see them and embrace their healing cleansing energies.

the greatest gifts are the most simple gestures. a smile, a laugh and a warm embrace. let us share our gifts and live our greatness.

make peace with who you are and from a place of compassion choose to love yourself in a manner that honours and celebrates the beauty of your divine existence.

open the gateway of growth and greatness and the flow of the universe will transform your life by igniting something sacred and special inside.

my depression tweeted me last night with words that mocked my dreams and visions. I. responded with words that were positive and inspirational. then I turned off the computer and set out to create mystical experiences that enhanced my existence.

with pure loving energy you can at any moment change your life for the better for you are a truly miraculous being of light.

awaken. awaken to the truth of who you are. awaken. awaken to the uniqueness of your spirit. awaken. awaken to the miracle of your existence. awaken. awaken to the love within your heart. awaken. awaken. awaken.

with sincerity and simplicity I share with you words of power and pleasure with the intention of helping you grow in mind and spirit as you blossom into being.

this day is full of possibility and you can choose to live it with a smile on your soul as you explore all the opportunities to make your world better.

beauty flowers from within then reaches out into our ethereal existence touching the world with a loving compassion and a sacred kindness that benefit all.

let us soulfully celebrate the compassion in our hearts by sharing its bountiful blessings in ways that improve the quality of life.

you are a magnificent work of art whose uniquely beautiful essence expresses a love that is sacred and profound.

I know depression, I know obsession, I know pain, I know madness, I know darkness and I know that I am bigger, better, stronger and more beautiful than all of them put together.

I am guided by spirit to inspire others and I do so by putting words together that poetically touch the soul and then releasing them into the universe with the knowledge that they will find their way to the people that need them the most.

I went to the library of wisdom and took out a book on love from which i learned how to live a pure passionate life of pure divine bliss.

my heart is always open to inspiration and when I see you smile, hear you laugh and feel your warm touch I am moved to act in kind and open the hearts of others.

we evolve and grow into who we really are when we with generosity of spirit embrace each person we meet as a miraculous work of art to be treasured and cherished.

when I awoke this morning I turned on the light of my soul and saw before me a multitude of spiritual wonders which I will use from this day forth to shape my world into something beautiful that benefits myself and others.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Live A Pure Positive Life

may your true passion be to live a pure positive life as you awaken your true self and May yours be an open hearted and loving existence in which you blossom into a sacred flower of ethereal beauty.

we blossom outward and change for the better when we engage in spiritually enriching experiences that inspire mindfulness and manifest miracles.

life is more meaningful when we make our existence more loving.

loving are they who full of life and positive energy embrace their highest purpose as they dedicate their journey to all that is sacred.

we make the world a better place when we make ourself a better person.

live your happiness now. make it your purpose to explore the deepest levels of love. choose to be a beacon of light for yourself and others. make it your intention to listen to and believe in who you truly are. choose to contribute positively to the world. live your bliss now.

let us on this day make it our goal to experience greater joy for it is intention that ignites inspiration and inspiration which manifests miracles.

I layer my life with beauty, I fill my path with positive life force energy, I shine my light on every soul I meet and I share my love with this world and beyond for I am a ethereal being on a miraculous journey.

you liberate your journey in ways that benefit your life every time you make it your purpose to help yourself and others.

yours is a sacred beauty that opens doorways into worlds of wonder, wisdom and well being when you share the blessing and miracle of the love that lies within.

spiritually awaken the joy within by embracing that which is good and true as you seek to make your world a better place.

open your heart to the truth that every day is sacred and yours will be a spirit that joyously rides the waves of life and a soul that divinely dances in the heavens.

sacred is the light of spirit that heals the soul of who we are when we open our heart to love.

true spiritual nourishment is ours when we realize that there are no forbidden fruit there are only broken perceptions.

today I will empower myself by living in true freedom and loving who I am.

winged are they who fill our lives with positive energy and divine wisdom for they are angels of light born of love who have walked this earth before.

bliss awakens when we do things we love in ways that honor and celebrate the joy of our existence and the greatness of our being.

with spiritual intent journey toward self awareness and you will discover the true beauty and sacredness of who you are.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Unique, Wonderful and Powerfully Positive

unique, wonderful and powerfully positive are those whose aliveness and awareness connect hearts.

mine is a message of hope and a path of good intentions in which I seek to inspire people to embrace their spiritual energy and live their sacred truth.

live your true nature and you engage the world in a way that elevates the soul and connects to the divine.

today I surrender to the sacred and let its love illuminate for me a path to a higher calling.

a divine being is who you really are and by accepting and living this truth you embrace your spiritual energy and your life becomes a blessing of rewarding and joyous experiences.

light up the world with your radiant smile and the universe will light up your life with experiences of enlightenment.

I seek not to experience the life I dream of but instead to create a reality better and more beautiful than anything I could ever dream.

refresh, enhance and replenish the path you are on in deeply profound ways that honor the human spirit and celebrate the joys of life.

we are messengers of truth and if we live that truth in kind and compassionate ways ours will be a world of pure contentment.

embrace the beautiful gift of sacred wonder that you are and the universe will shower you with divine blessings that cleanse and purify the heart and soul.

let your spirit soar along a path of love and the light of creation will guide you to realities beyond this world.

the gentle sweetness of self acceptance stirs within us a greater awareness of our unique gifts which illuminates our spiritual purpose.

listen to the sacred music within as you dance with life and lead with love.

I heard my life calling for balance so I stepped away from the ledge and began to walk a pure positive path of light and love with each step consciously planted on sacred solid ground.

joyously fulfilling is a life in harmony with the universe for it is a blessing that embraces the true self and embodies the sacred.

positive energy flows freely when we light the fire of spirit with grace, glory, kindness and compassion.

create a new reality in harmony with the spirit where you compassionately nurture the true brilliance of your sacred self and yours will be a gentle transformative path of luminous beauty and bliss.

at the centre of each heart there are blessings and miracles which unfold into life when we share our gifts and embrace our true spirit.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One