Thursday, March 22, 2018

Weave Today A Sacred Story

weave today a sacred story of deep spiritual experiences that radiate inner peace and yours will be a divinely beautiful and poetic path of purpose that leads to the light of a better more blissful tomorrow.

use your natural healing powers and pure profound consciousness to create a welcoming environment in which you shape your life and others in ways that strengthen spirituality while liberating every moment with love.

it was at that moment when I realized that life was a beautiful work of art that I began my journey of authentic joyful living and started to experience the world in mindful ways that awakened the spirit within.

the sheer beauty of the soul is a blessing which when embraced guides us to higher levels of kindness while anchoring us in love.

you are responsible for your destiny. you have the ability to make yours a remarkable life story. you are a being of light whose purpose is love. you are beautiful and you are a blessing. this is who you are. be who you are.

awaken people to their beauty and help them live a vibrant powerful life by guiding them to the light within and showing them how they can shape their sacred path with the blessings they were born with.

every moment of your day you are immersed in a world of divine loving energy in which you are surrounded by beautiful angelic spirits. open yourself completely to these sacred truths and yours will be a blissful journey of glory and greatness.

awe inspiring experiences occur and you discover new worlds when when with sincere generosity you make it your intention to live a joyful life of purpose.

your soul will blossom and your spirit will soar when you truly love yourself.

courage and honesty when guided by spirit are incredibly powerful tools of transformation that improve the quality of life.

ours is a compassionate healing spirit and when we open ourselves to its precious treasures we initiate radical self transformation which immerses our path of awakening in divine loving energy.

embrace your journey in peaceful mindful ways which allow the flow of life to illuminate the unique divine creation that is your truly beautiful divine self.

loving relationships are magical treasures that let light into our lives creating within us a lasting sense of joy, peace and positive perspective.

great happiness, healing, wholeness and profound spiritual growth are the rewards for seeking to be a better human being by lovingly sharing your life with others.

life is a beautiful tapestry which when embraced openly and honestly blesses us with a world of compassionate connections where love grows freely.

you are a sacred source of strength with powerful healing abilities and when you use those gifts to serve humanity the inner self awakens and yours becomes a transcendent existence of light and love.

insightful and illuminating is the heart of spirituality and by exploring its many blessings you create unique experiences that manifest greater love.

open your pure heart to the true beauty of the soul and yours will be a journey of uplifting stories and remarkable life experiences.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Esoteric Practices and Pure Intentions

esoteric practices and pure intentions create within our life deep rewarding changes that enrich our journey in unique and powerful ways which make each and every day an inspired masterpiece.

self love and acceptance are extremely beneficial gifts we give ourselves that lead us beyond this world to a place of sacred revelations that nourish spiritual wellness and empower every part of our ethereal existence.

the presence of spirit is always with us and when we live our best life it reveals itself by breathing love into our journey and illuminating the path we are on with divine light that we may see with clarity the way to our beautiful sacred home in the heavens.

ours is a mystical adventure to magical worlds when we express our divine self in ways that bring love and healing to those who are in need.

immerse your entire being in profound self love and waves of healing energy will cleanse your spirit and guide you into the heart of transformation.

I am a magical being in a modern world whose mission is to walk in peace as I share the beauty and truth of the miracle that is life.

it was when I discovered my sacredness that I was able to move forward with clarity the my true place of happiness in a universe of my own creating.

close your eyes and focus on the love within you and the presence of angels around you. this will make yours a beautiful existence of powerful experiences that create extraordinary results.

the transformation of humanity can only take place if we come together as one and share our light in loving ways that bless us all with beautiful gifts of joy and bliss.

we are messengers of truth with nurturing powers who make the world a better place whenever we listen to the call of the sacred and express our divinity.

share the light of your spiritual vibration and let your intentions speak, for you are blessed with unique gifts which when released into the universe impact the lives of people in powerful positive profound ways.

explore and celebrate the beauty within your own heart as this will awaken energies that cleanse the spirit and embrace the sacred self with love.

we all have extraordinary healing abilities that manifest when we truly believe that we are miraculous beings and use that blissful awareness to inspires others on their path of spiritual ascension.

hope is on the horizon waiting for you to find your mission and purpose as doing so will transform your life in powerful ways that make you a force in the universe.

you are an enlightened being and by embracing your personal power and sharing your unique sacred gifts you can embody every aspect of the pure love that is your divine self.

we are surrounded by oceans of energy and by opening ourselves fully to their blessings we change our life in amazing and miraculous ways that fulfill our spirit and lead us home to where truth resides.

it is the intention to create a better future that connects us with spirit while guiding us to act in ways that serve the greater good.

may the celestial light of love shine upon you that the world may see the beauty of your pure open heart and experience the glory of your divinity.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Soul Centered Life of Deep Healing

a soul centred life of deep healing and emotional well being is a blessing bestowed upon us by our true self when we let go of those obstacles we have placed in our own way.

create more abundance by immersing yourself in the joy that lies within the heart and soul of humanity.

you inspire your life by sharing the infinite and rich tapestry of divine beauty within as this is an alchemical act of sacred intent that makes your world a beautiful garden of growth where happiness awakens.

my life is a journey of experimental spirituality in which I seek to live from the heart as I powerfully connect with my true sacred nature.

every moment is an opportunity to transcend. every step is an opportunity to awaken into wholeness. every choice is a chance to live your divine purpose. make the choice to step into each moment with the knowledge that it is a miracle which you can shape any way you like.

open your heart to the sacred and let the flow of energy guide your ever evolving soul to a blissful life of spirit.

esoteric exploration empowers us with encounters and experiences that stimulate our sacred energies and support spiritual growth.

make it your purest intention to share your compassionate heart and yours will be a life in which you live in joy as you vibrate at a higher level that brings harmony and balance to your entire being.

we are incredibly blessed and when we let go of those things that impede our progress we start to become the beautifully divine beings of light that we truly are.

something wonderful happens when we make it our purpose to climb the sacred mountain and reach beyond our reality into the ethereal beauty of our magickal universe.

by being spiritually minded we discover deep inner truths which reveal our divine life purpose and guide us toward personal freedom and liberation.

empower your life with positive feelings of love and yours will be a path embraced by higher healing energies that help yourself and humanity.

love is eternal and by living that love freely and unconditionally we open sacred portals that weave a web of spirit which makes our journey one of wonderful healing experiences that guide us home to the source of all that is sacred.

empowered by the light are we who commit to making significant choices that refresh and rejuvenate every aspect of our divine existence.

one of the souls truest purposes is to experience awakening for it is by awakening that we emerge into a graceful life of pure love and light.

explore the divine within and yours will be a mystical journey in which you are immersed in loving multidimensional energy created by light that aligns your souls path with gifts of spirit.

we connect more fully to the universe when we embrace the heart of life as this is a sacred act that ignites inspiration and manifests happiness.

a more positive perspective helps us and others to live a more extraordinary life of awakened aliveness and balanced wholeness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Enthralling Experiences of Love

engage in metaphysical practices in which you express your light and yours will be a journey of flow and vibration that enhances awareness with enthralling experiences of love.

harmonious relationships create within us a natural flow of energy that embraces our purest self with great love and light which helps us grow into beautiful beings of spirit.

we are deep spiritual beings with divine attributes whose presence on earth is meant to be a blessing that enriches and enlightens. live this truth and you positively shape your destiny.

seek with every choice to make a positive impact for it is when our intentions are pure that our spirit is cleansed and our soul is elevated.

caring for and nurturing others are acts of kindness that bring light into our lives as they create greater harmony within.

share the miracle of who you are with the world and yours will be a most joyous path that opens doorways to happiness and bliss.

I changed my spiritual connection to low speed this morning because I realized that by making things simpler I was better able to see the beauty beyond my life's unlimited bandwidth.

a soul that is tenderly nurtured and a heart that is lovingly embraced are blessings that purify and cleanse our pathway to ascension.

make choices that serve the well being of all as this will fill your world with sacred experiences and loving connections that make yours a blessedly beautiful life of spirit.

there is freedom inside of you and by letting go of those things which hold you down that freedom is released and life becomes a sacred paradise.

awareness of who we really are nourishes the heart with peace and well being for who we really are is someone beautiful whose very presence blesses the earth with love and light.

when you let your inner light shine for all to see you connect with the source which guides you to a higher state of bliss.

thank you world. I am alive. thank you universe. I am happy. thank you heaven. I am spiritual. thank you MicHEAL. I am me. thank yo

miracles unfold when you accept that you are a beautiful being of spirit whose life is meaningful and lovingly share that truth with every soul you meet as you create a unique path all your own.

mine is a life which when I was dragged kicking and screaming into the bowels of hell was nonetheless kissed by the heavens. for the darkness was but a lesson and the kiss was a reminder that I would graduate into the light and ascend to my place amongst the stars.

you are a most beautiful expression of spirit whose life evolves in sacred ways when you share your profound gifts with the world.

my inner child was building a better world with blocks made of love when he was embraced by the natural healing force of his intentions and blessed with a sense of profound peace and happiness.

embody your true nature as doing so will fill your day with moments of grace and greater levels of love.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Think and Act in ways that Serve the Greater Good

try just for one hour, one day, one week... to think and act in ways that serve the greater good. start believing that through kindness you can make a difference. start asking for and expecting more. start creating a flow of positive energy that embraces higher realms of light. start being who you were born to be. the time has come to embrace your beauty and live your bliss.

there is no debate. stop saying its not about guns its about people. stop saying its not about people its about guns. stop saying its not about violence its about mental health. stop saying its not about mental heath its about violence. stop saying and start doing because its about all those things. the time has come to put away our guns and get the mental health care we as a society so desperately need.

healing is the light of love for through love we create a sacred energy that wraps us in an illuminating truth which tends to our wounds with compassion and kindness.

every day we are alive we are in the company of angels only we don't call them angels we call them children.

it is the discovery that life when loved, honoured and respected is divinely guided that brings forth the true beauty of our existence and inspires us to be our highest self.

beautifully unique are those glorious souls who believe in true happiness and make it their mission in life to manifest that reality.

you are a beautiful star in a sacred universe and by living in a manner that honors and celebrates the miracle of your existence you create greater realities which awaken the spirit and energize the soul.

the journey of ascension begins the moment we choose to look at the truth of life with greater clarity.

absolute unconditional love energizes our essence which awakens our empathic gifts and opens us to soul empowering truths that bless us with an all embracing path of light.

when we look at life through eyes of spirit it is the lightness our our being that protects us from the darkness of the world.

share the deep spiritual messages within your loving energy as this will bring to your life true moments of bliss that enhance your sacred powers and connect you to the heavens.

we are beacons of light whose metaphysical endeavours when passionate and purposeful Improve the quality of life for those we so sacredly serve.

in fields of compassionate energy I plant seeds of love from which grow trees of life whose branches embrace me, fruit nourishes me and roots ground me in world most sacred.

in the ocean of my existence there is a lighthouse of love which illuminates the way home to my divine graceful essence.

we are pure sacred expressions of love and by living that truth and sharing our light we inspire others to act in kind and with gentle beauty forge a path in which they breathe miracles.

goodness carries with it a sacred truth which fills the spirit with love and radiates a light of purifying energy that makes life a positively miraculous reality that touches the heavens.

be a soul architect - someone who designs and builds a life of positive loving energy where they house all those things that make life beautiful and invite everybody in to enjoy them.

I have chosen throughout my life to use my heart to craft experiences that radiate love and because of that I have been blessed with a profoundly beautiful path of light, harmony and happiness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Change Is Coming

a change is coming which will motivate your actions with signs and messages that connect deeply with the essence of your spirit while inspiriting you to make positive powerful choices that benefit the greater good of all.

there is a sacred light of wonder and beauty that shines within when we choose to approach every aspect of our life in genuine caring ways.

my dreams and realities have aligned and together created a plan to make angelic connections that light the way to sacred portals of spiritual enlightenment.

a grateful heart is a true work of art whose spiritual worth is priceless.

truly natural is the beauty revealed when the soul awakens us to the glory of our path and the greatness of our being.

with careful intent lift yourself up above lifes worries so that you can see with clarity the abundance of blessings within reach and use them to overcome your struggles.

open your heart fully on this day of love to the breathtaking beauty of your existence and embrace each moment with kindness and compassion as you dance in the sunlight of your sacredness.

accept who you are for you are a blessing of divine beauty whose simple sacred mission is to love yourself.

there is a heaven in my heart whose soul purpose is to guide me to my true self that I may know the angelic beauty of my sacred journey home.

a soul centred life in which you embrace every experience with compassion is a gift you bestow upon yourself that ensures yours will be a cosmic destiny of passionate living where you blossom into spirit.

love is a healing elixir and when we drink gloriously from its goblet of bliss we enrich our life and transform our future

step joyfully into the pure energy of your sacred self and it will introduce you to the true beauty of your being.

open your heart and soul to spirit and you will be guided to planes of existence where every breath is a divine act of love that changes lives for the better.

embrace new paradigms in which you live your beautiful existence in a spiritually free manner that celebrates the glory and natural goodness of your divine essence.

a sense of greater self worth creates within us vibrant energies that radiate outward with a sacred light that reveals to us all the angels in our life.

its not that I have my head in the clouds, its that I have the clouds in my head. they have always been their reminding me that they are not beyond my reach, they are part of who I am. sometimes if I listen closely I can hear them talking to the stars in my eyes.

love when pure is a revelation of sacred beauty that illuminates a mystical path to joyful spiritual dimensions.

an exhilarating life of miracles that is beneficial to all awaits those extraordinary beings who are brave enough to embrace their authentic self and share their innate goodness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Share the Pure Joy of What You Love

share the pure joy of what you love with every soul you meet and yours will be a sacred path that benefits all.

cosmic is the energy within and when you release that energy into the world you raise your awareness to a reality beyond the physical which transforms your life in amazing ways.

divine is a life fully lived, sacred is a life fully loved and miraculous are they who make it their purpose to accomplish both.

within each of us is a bountiful garden of thoughts and perspectives which when watered with spirit blossom into actions of sacred beauty overflowing with love.

awaken to the beauty that surrounds you for it is when we can truly see the simple miracles in our everyday life that we begin to discover our path and connect with our purpose.

greater love for yourself will give you greater satisfaction in life and make you feel more alive as you connect with the heart and soul of your ethereal existence.

we are the flow of creation and when we live our purpose in simple loving ways we unite the heavens and the earth in a sacred dance of open hearted bliss.

my a.d.d, o.c.d and p.t.s.d were playing in the backyard of my dreams when they realized that if they said I am sorry and forgave themselves they could leave the yard and engage with others in ways that caressed their mind with a light and love which would lift them beyond their darkness to a place of joy where they could be who they truly are.

yours is a soul waiting to blossom and when your thoughts, intentions and actions are beneficial to yourself and others you water that soul with a love most sacred.

to live ones true purpose is a truly beautiful thing which inspires positive change while infusing life with waves of bliss that flow freely through every aspect of their existence.

the universe loves you for you are its child. you are a heavenly light whose very essence is a gift to humanity. open your heart and soul to the beauty of your existence as you live your sacredness with great joy.

freedom is a blessing that takes us out of the shadow into the divine light of a destiny shaped by spirit and embraced by love.

may yours be a life of joy where you overcome challenges as you align with your souls purpose and live in the light of your true sacred beauty.

I think today that I will embark on a spiritual adventure with my sacred self where together we will weave a world of wholeness and well being in which we embrace every person we encounter in supportive, compassionate and caring ways.

the more fully we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to become our true sacred selves and the more likely it is that we will walk a path of love and blessings.

I am inspired by those who live their greatness in subtle unassuming ways that greatly benefit themselves and others.

precious is the gift of life. let us not waste it worrying what it may be. instead let us commit to making it something beautiful we can celebrate with pride.

out beyond the reality of this painful existence is a new way of living in which people stop criticizing each and every word that comes out of a persons mouth and instead set their intentions to helping one another live in peace, happiness and harmony.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One