Thursday, January 21, 2021

Creating Rainbows of Comfort and Joy


I was creating rainbows of comfort and joy when angelic empowered emissaries appeared and with pure intent elevated my spirit to a place of exaltation, exhilaration and transformation.

I have found that when I live in a divine way I am better able to manifest powerful personal experiences that create positive outcomes which fill me with true spiritual joy and happiness.

I wish you a joyful abundant life of sacred beauty in which the light of creation brings a clarity to your world that allows you to see the miracles that surround you.

I awaken today with a sense of hope which I plan to use as inspiration to create positive changes that help me heal into happiness as I blossom into a being of light brighter than the sun.

I like to do those things that make me unique for they stir my heart and awaken the dreamer within.

the greatest contribution we can make to the world is to be who we truly are, love who we truly are, respect who we truly are, celebrate who we truly are, believe in who we truly are and share who we truly are.

I create positive energy which helps me journey into higher states that connects me more deeply with my true self which opens me fully to thoughts, feelings and experiences of joy, happiness and pure positive love.

believe in your blessedness and yours will be a mystical metaphysical life of meaning and miracles that brings you inner and outer peace.

I bathe in thoughts of hope while breathing in the beauty of happiness which cleanses and blesses my entire being with a pure positive perspective that makes me feel awakened, aware, sacred and alive.

I like to connect with angels, ancients and ancestors sent from higher realms as this unites heart, mind, spirit and soul which makes mine a life of light, laughter and love.

I know my worth so I live my values in spiritually transformative ways. I believe in myself so I walk my path in a courageous, compassionate, creative and caring manner. I love myself so I embrace my heavenly existence with the intention of filling every moment with joy. I know exactly who I am and that for me has helped me weave together a world of happiness and harmony.

assist humanity by freeing your spirit as this will help you to evolve more consciously as you live a life of service that embraces the breath of enlightenment.

I like to live my inspiration in a way that gives voice to my heart, soul and spirit so that all may see and feel my pure positive passion for life.

with self confidence I walk up the steps to transformation where I discover dreams and visions that create for me a sacred atmosphere of light which uplifts, blesses and heals.

I use the patterns of my destiny to elevate my creativity which in turn motivates me to make my life a portrait of peace, freedom, hope, happiness, love, joy and sacred serenity.

I opened the inner doorway and from the depths of my soul emerged a wave of transformative healing waters which refreshed, rejuvenated and lovingly embraced every part of my existence.

mine is a passionate heart that cultivates insight and inspiration which I share with the universe as I move beyond my dreams to more ethereal planes of existence.

the day I made the conscious choice to become who I was born to be was the day my life began to transform into the beautiful sacred blessing that it is today.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, January 14, 2021

I hear Voices who Help me make Choices that Nourish my Soul


I hear voices who help me make choices that nourish my soul with gentle guidance and an eternal love that is healing and heaven sent

I learned a long time ago that when life is spinning too fast get off the merry go round because somethings broken. the covid crisis and the political panic are but the latest madness from a world that refuses to learn from its mistakes. let others immerse themselves in hatred, anger, sexism, racism, homophobia, politics and war. I will walk my own path of peace to my own place of light where I will live out my days in the warm embrace of a love most sacred.

infinite is the well of wisdom within each of us and to access it we must get out of our own way, remove self imposed obstacles and believe fully in the true sacred beauty of who we are.

pure positive thoughts and boundless spiritual energy are blessings that have helped me to see my way through many struggles, hardships, trials and tribulations.

a spirit that evolves is one of meditative prayer and angelic inspiration who sees the extraordinary in life and uses it to soar toward the heavens.

I like to prepare myself spiritually for the day ahead by elevating my thoughts, aligning with my purpose, embracing my divinity and expressing and exploring the love within.

there are days when talking to adults is like talking to a two year old. instead of saying put your warm coat on, stay off the road, wipe your nose... I find myself saying stay at home, put on your mask , don't spit on people, stop yelling at people... its time that we all took a step back and grew the hell up.

I was doing my best to be my best when the best in me revealed itself and helped me to get through the struggles of the day in the best way possible.

we grow spiritually when we embrace our true nature, live from the heart and infuse our world with love and light.

with spiritual integrity, authentic passion and greater purpose let us set out on a journey of light with the intention to simply be good human beings.

during times of hardship I make a conscious effort to deepen my relationship with spirit and that has been a life enhancing choice which has given me greater courage, compassion, peace and pleasure.

I like to follow my own path, and evolve in my own way because this helps me to make positive choices that bring me greater peace and joy.

last year was filled with thought provoking lessons and the ones that have made their way through the darkness into the light are the ones that have listened and learned.

be focused, be grounded, be loving, be accepting, be hopeful, be helpful, be positive, be passionate, be alive, be awake, be compassionate, be caring, be truthful, be blissful and be who you are for they are all beautiful things to be.

you blossom into who you truly are when with joyful aliveness you open your heart, activate your purpose, make thoughtful choices and share the love within.

fearless are the hearts of those who with intensity of purpose make it their lifes work to simply love and be loved for they are angels on earth.

within yourself and others is a deep reservoir of spiritual wisdom that is safe, welcoming and waiting for you to immerse yourself in in its profound prayerful waters and transcend into a greater reality.

make an effort to send out positive life affirming messages of inspiration into the world and you will set in motion profound changes that make life better.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Change your World by Walking a Path of Divine Devotion that leaves a Positive Imprint


change your world by walking a path of divine devotion that leaves a positive imprint wherever you go.

a smile from a child is a poetically authentic simple sacred sustenance that nourishes the heart, soul and spirit.

I was sitting in the lap of Buddha talking to Allah while watching Jesus dance with Muhammad when Confucius asked if we all would like to take a mindful walk to a life of love.

there are profound benefits to engaging in transformative practices that align with the heavens and lead us toward the light.

can you see the truth yet, do you understand what happened and what part you played in it, has common sense returned, do you realize the error of your ways, are you cognizant of the consequences of your actions, can you fathom just how long lasting the effects of this will be, I hope you can because the world cannot heal when people refuse to acknowledge, admit and accept that they are not the heroes they thought they were.
its a new day learn from what has happened. clean up your mess and make an effort to improve the quality of life for yourself and others. you cant change the past but you can do your utmost to create a better future. its time to stop hurting and start helping. its time to ignite a new purpose. its time to liberate brilliance, beauty, bliss and blessings. its time to do the right thing in the right way for the right reason. you can do this if you so choose. I know you can. go forth in faith with love as your guide and I will see you on the other side.
I wish you joy on your journey.

raise your vibration, empower your life, step into your power and advance your spiritual evolution by living, loving and being your true sacred self.

mindful self compassion helps me to make better choices that enlighten my path, nurture my environment and create for me a life where love flows freely into my heart and soul.

what is your passion, what is your highest purpose, what is your truth, what is your reality and what are you doing to bring these blessings into your life.

I am not political but I vote. I vote for happiness, I vote for good health, I vote for kindness, I vote for peace, I vote for common sense, I vote for joy, I vote for truth, I vote for ecstasy, I vote for compassion and I vote for love. I don't vote, for politicians and I don't vote for political parties. I vote for me, I vote for my family, I vote for my friends, I vote for you and I vote for the world. every day I cast a vote for inspiration, transformation and revelation.

the spirit is cleansed and purified when we see ourselves as worthy and share that worth with the world.

I was out one day beyond my dreams when I came upon a being of enhanced sacredness sitting on a cloud singing a song of hope. I listened, learned and let it help me be and love myself. I went out one night beyond my reality...

I am on a remarkable journey of love and service that aligns with my highest values while embracing the heart of mindfulness and making miracles a reality.

I hope that you see clearly your true ecstatic esoteric ethereal beauty for it is a blessing that embraces all those fortunate enough to know and love you.

within my home is an atmosphere of happiness that aligns with the highest good and whenever the world outside is too much I just return home to the open arms of my loving family.

I gave myself love one day which made me feel happier and healthier which embraced me with light which inspired me to make positive changes which cultivated loving connections which opened gateways to the sacred which filled my heart with joy. I gave others love one day...

we have seen the worst in people during this crisis, we have seen a lack of common sense, we have seen too much anger and not enough peace, we have seen too much stupidity and not enough intelligence, we have seen too much ugly and not enough beauty. the sad thing is that together we have the ability to make this world a beautiful place we just have to be willing to put aside our differences and use the things we have in common to manifest that dream. in case you are not aware of it the things we have in common are kindness, compassion and love.

I am elevated, invigorated, inspired and transformed by the pure divine light of love for it has lifted me up and embraced my life with greater happiness and well being.

I am spiritually at peace for mine is a path of positive intentions centered in love in which with the fabric of life I weave a blanket of beauty, bliss and blessings.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Awaken To Kindness


awaken to kindness, awaken to love, awaken your heart and awaken your soul. life is much better when we are truly awake.

we as spiritual travelers have the ability to with kindness, compassion, honesty and integrity radiate positive energy and change lives for the better.

enjoy being, enjoy living, enjoy loving, be happy now, be thankful now and be grateful now. be what you need to be to enjoy every moment of your life.

I made a promise to myself to enhance the quality of my life by listening to my heart and letting love flow freely. That is a promise I have kept which has not only saved my life but also transformed it into something sacred and beautiful.

beautiful, empowering and inspiring experiences are what have helped me throughout my life to see the truth and rise above my struggles to a sacred place where angels dance and miracles dwell.

we blossom when we learn to connect to what matters as doing so attracts blessings of light born of spirit that fill us with the joy of being.

I was fighting the good fight when I realized that I was always fighting and that it had taken a heavy toll on me, so i stopped fighting and started shaping, creating and manifesting a life of peace, freedom, joy and happiness.

may we have a common purpose and may that purpose be love.

give yourself the gift of you. for you are a gift to the ones you love. your life has great merit and meaning. treat yourself with the same kindness, compassion and love you show others. you deserve the best if life and by believing in and loving yourself you can achieve that and more.

the need by the media to beat us down with the negative is unacceptable. its alright to share news that is unpleasant but it is not alright to share only that. it is not alright to use the news as platform to push your own agenda. what ever happened to being impartial. you can tell me about people who are dying but also tell me about those who are living. it makes it hard to be happy when the press and the politicians are not only selling sadness they are promoting it. their ratings are good but their intentions are not. I think today I will turn off the news and I will read a good book, listen to some beautiful music, dance in the sunlight and free my spirit.

my prayer is one of illumination that shines a light on a bountiful life of creative exploration, positive perspective, deeper purpose and abundant love.

I like to plant seeds of pure love and great joy for by doing so I make mine a garden of goodness that embraces fully the miracle of life.

use your angelic gifts and spiritual abilities to empower your life, deepen your love, elevate your existence and become truly happy.

when I hurt I help others, when I fall I lift people up, when I feel lost I connect with people looking for the way home, when I am betrayed I make it a point to be compassionate, when all seems hopeless I become more courageous and when death is at my doorstep I send them away and invite life in. it has been my reaction to the challenges of this world that has kept me alive and given me the strength to manifest a life I love.

I like to go where goodness dwells and bathe in the waters of a reality so pure that it cleanses my heart, soul and spirit.

approach each day with deep love and respect for myself, my family, my friends, the beauty of the earth and the glory of the heavens.

I like to listen to my inner voice for doing so helps me to blossom into awareness as I connect with my spirituality.

I hear throughout my days the whispers of celestial guides sharing freely messages of hope and inspiration which have helped me during times of struggle to enjoy the here and now.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Fully Connect to your Soul and Spirit


fully connect to your soul and spirit by taking the time and making the effort to discover your true self for knowing who you are illuminates your world with beautiful blessings.

I think over the holidays I will send out from the core of my being heavenly hugs to every loving soul I have met in my life who has showed me kindness and compassion. if you feel a warm embrace that makes you smile know that it was me. merry happy every day from this moment on.

the better I feel about myself the better I am at navigating my way through the waters of life when they get rough.

I heard a celestial symphony resonating and reverberating from the center of my soul which inspired me to engage in heart opening activities that evolve my consciousness, expand my awareness, enrich my life and enlighten my existence.

the thing I struggle with the most these days is not the health crisis itself but peoples reaction to it. the ignorance, anger, stupidity and madness has taken its toll. behaviour that was once unacceptable is now the norm. the self serving mindset of those who have lost the ability to disseminate between fact and fiction is heartbreaking. this will be a nice Christmas for me because I will be at home with the two most loving souls on the planet - my wife and my son. I will enter the new year with hope but the scars left by the insensitive and insane will stay with me. the way I look at life is forever changed. so my resolution or should I say solution for the coming year is to make my thoughts, actions and intentions ones of kindness, clarity, compassion and love. I want what I have always wanted which is to be a good person who lives a good life. to all I say I wish you joy, happiness, beauty, bliss, light and love.

mine is a spirt driven life in which I ascend to a higher level as I live my souls purpose which is to create a loving destiny that connects to the source of all that is sacred.

mine is a contemplative prayer of compassionate communication and whole being wellness that strengthens my belief in the beauty and sanctity of life.

I went nowhere yesterday where I met nobody then I returned home where I embraced somebody who shared my struggle and we talked of how blessed we are and how together we could see our way through this crisis into a beautiful new world of our own creation.

I invited awareness into my heart which connected me to spirit who helped me to explore healing horizons that moved me to actualize my visions which guided me home where the heaven I had been seeking was waiting with open arms for me to return with my new found perspective and the realization that they were my sanctity and salvation.

live with purpose, love with passion, lead with integrity and light the way with the ethereal energy that resides with the heart and soul of your true sacred self.

the winds of love blow free when we use the energy that resonates within our soul to enhance well being, manifest dreams, transform intentions and find our way to bliss.

strengthen your foundation, renew your spirit and release the love that resides within as these are blessings which when bestowed upon oneself will manifest change and facilitate transformation.

the latest one month lockdown that has been imposed while upsetting is understandable. we will as we have from the start use this an an opportunity to bond as a family. we will rise above it and do our best to be our best. we will handle any restrictions by not restricting ourselves from being kind, honest, loving people. we will survive and thrive. I am sending love and light to all who are suffering. bless you. you are loved.

every life is a life of meaning and contribution. how much it means and how much we contribute is up to us.

whenever we give the gift of inspiration we connect to the eternal light which blesses us with goodness, harmony and genuine happiness.

transformative opportunities entered my life when I began to honour my innate gifts, discover my purpose, live my true nature, align with a higher goal and love my life.

a wind of god and goddess blew open gateways to personal change which inspired me to communicate authentically, live joyfully, connect spiritually and love completely.

I have a creative voice and a positive personal vision which when shared opens hearts and enlivens spirits.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

Thursday, December 17, 2020

We reach Higher Levels of Growth when we Nourish our Dreams


we reach higher levels of growth when we nourish our dreams and visions with the love that we are.

this crisis for me has been filled with sacred information. it has informed me that I am stronger than I thought, that I am blessed, that mine is a positive healing environment and that I have a family which embraces my world with miracles. this struggle has opened my eyes, my mind and my heart and from it I will emerge a better man.

you are a blessing. your very essence is an expression of love. you are a uniquely beautiful being of light. your caring, kindness and compassion serve the greater good of humanity. you are an angel on earth. your every breath fills my life with joy. you are a friend, a mother and a wife. you are my soulmate. I love you.

the more lovingly I approach my day the more beautiful my life experiences are.

happiness serves a higher purpose. its true beauty and power brings deep meaning to our lives. it is a sacred source of inspiration that inspires, liberates and uplifts the human spirit. may you on this day and every day from this point on be happy.

a smile for me is spiritual purification and a hug is a deeply loving blessing and the two combined are sacred gifts that touch the heart and soul in ways profound and positive.

today I will nurture, I will soothe, I will awaken, I will arise, I will transform, I will transcend, I will heal, I will inspire, I will live and I will love.

born was I with healing energy flowing from spirit and a sincere desire to bring light to others.

I was walking a path of peace and freedom where insights are limitless when ancients, ancestors and angels made me aware that the true path to enlightenment was within and to find it I need only to follow the light emanating from my heart.

the day I realized that I had an abundance of love within me was the day I began to grow and move forward.

we will rise from the ashes of this pandemic into a whole new reality and a whole new world. what that reality and world are is up to us. let us commit now to making them something safe, secure, happy, healthy, caring, compassionate, peaceful and loving.

for the spirit to evolve we must make it our purpose to create better outcomes that manifest positivity and serve the highest greatest good.

I saw the truth crying the other day on the side of the road because nobody believed in him and he had been thrown out into the cold to die alone.

that tree in your yard is rotting at the roots. no its not. it is you can plainly see it. you are making that up. no I am not. yes you are. its rotting and its going to fall over and crush you. thats fake news. its not fake news you can plainly see it. I only see its greatness and glory. large branches have already fallen and damaged your home. that wasn't the tree that was the illuminati. are you crazy. the media would like you to believe that. I don't understand how you can look at something that is obviously dangerous and destructive and not only defend it but fight for the right to let it and any other tree that is falling on other peoples homes do so. its called democracy. no its called delusional. you are just trying to make room for your own tree. look I am all for trees I am just not for ones that are so infected that they could destroy my home and family. you are going to suffer and die because you are trying to take my tree from me. look its not even about trees or democracy, its about seeing the forest and the tree and not letting the few trees that are sick destroy the entire forest. thats fake news. we are real people. what is that suppose to mean. its means that while everybody is arguing about everything we are really dying. I am not dying. others are. you don't look dead. this is going nowhere so I will say goodbye and wish you well. I don't believe you. I know. I know.

my Christmas list includes, kindness, compassion, clarity, hope, happiness, peace, health, joy, good fortune and common sense.

we all have a capacity for love that makes our life better when we open ourselves completely and let it fill us to capacity until its pure source energy flows into our world.

with clarity and compassion I take a fully holistic approach to life which for me opens gateways to other realms where miracles happen that guide me happily into the future.

connected to each other within us are light and love which when shared freely create existential experiences that contribute positively to our overall well being by bringing great joy to our lives.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One