Thursday, May 26, 2022

Move Toward a Higher State of Being


live what matters, love what matters and miracles will happen every day as you move toward a higher state of being.

positive thoughts and intentions are gratifying gifts we give ourselves which help us to make positive choices that create for us positive change.

sometimes a simple smile is an inspirational message that embraces what is beautiful in life.

I appreciate the gift of each moment, each breath and each step along the way for I have seen death but chose life and what a profoundly beautiful choice that has been.

to live and love mindfully is to experience the world in profound ways that touch the heart and soul of humanity.

inspired by the spiritual I walked with the wind to a wisdom beyond time where I was empowered to expand and evolve into the holistic, mystical being of light that I was born to be.

try on this day to manifest a reality that brings you joy and enhances your sacred path.

open yourself to love and you heal your spirit. my wife and sons are the loves of my life and they have helped me to open my heart in ways I never thought possible.

it was when I thought I was going to die that I was embraced by the light and heard the whispers of angels telling me that it wasn't my time and that I was wanted and needed here.

healing intentions help me to walk a higher vibratory path in which I experience the beauty of life and the blessings of love in every step.

the more positive our life choices the better our quality of life is and the more awakened we are to all that is sacred.

with power and grace I wish for a more loving world where people feel pure joy in every breath and where hope and happiness are a way of life.

I love me and he loves you and they love us and we love everybody and everybody loves me and I love me and he loves you...

positive energy is something we can transform into many things such as compassion, hope, inspiration, joy, peace, happiness, love and much much more.

one of my symptoms when I had my heart scare was shortness of breath and since I got home because of my beautiful family I have been able to easily breathe in love, kindness and compassion.

wonders await those who seek to experience, experiment with and explore the beauty and blessings of life.

walk with the breath of spirit as your guide for when we walk we walk on sacred ground and if we accept and embrace this truth ours will be a fuller richer happier life.

the hospital fixed my heart and then I cleansed it. I needed to remove stress and anxiety from my daily routine so that it could beat more easily and joyfully. it is more open now as am i.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, May 19, 2022

I think today I will laugh and be happy.


I think today I will laugh and be happy.

we are all teachers and healers. our kindness, compassion and love all teach and heal. I look forward to your next lesson for I know it will make me feel better.

greater inner peace and greater outer peace when in sync make for a peaceful positive life.

I am in the process of making profound changes in my life that assist and support my recovery and they all begin with me listening to my mind, body, heart and soul.

my goal now is to know and love the world, to know and love my wife, to know and love my son, to know and love my friends, to know and love all people and to know and love myself. my goal is to know and love.

those of you who have sent me healing words, energy, prayers ... know that they are greatly appreciated. your sentiments uplift and purify. they raise my vibration and warm my heart. bless you all. you are loved.

I never thought I would live this long and I never thought I would have a love this strong. yet here I am alive and loved.

I am still here in harmony with spirit because mine is a life worth loving and a future worth living for.

it is the dance of life that connects me to my humanity and inspires within me a love that invites miracles into my heart and home.

wake up humanity its time to gather together and weave a world of diversity, divinity, joy, laughter, peace, freedom, wisdom, wonder, light and love.

I am a better man today than I was yesterday and I will be a better man tomorrow than I am today.

when I was hit by my heart attack I was also hit by a beam of love from my wife Karen which I believe is what saved me.

a divine spark of poetic expression within helps me to author my life and enhance my every experience with healing loving words of wisdom and wonder.

be gentle, caring and compassionate with yourself and yours will be a journey of spirit in a loving world bathed in pure positive energy.

with reverence, respect and clarity of mind I approach this and every new day with a sense of hope and a devotion to living a happy healthy existence.

I am surrounded by angels in human form and they are my divine foundation for recovery.

love minded people have been sending me healing messages which have created within me a sacred state of happiness. thank you all. bless you all. you are loved.

my wife has a deep loving presence from which I gather inspiration. her strength and courage is the reason my heart is still beating. I am blessed to be with someone who every day infuses my mind, body and soul with warmth wisdom and love.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, May 5, 2022

I Heard My Soul Singing And Saw My Spirit Dancing


I heard my soul singing and saw my spirit dancing the moment I opened my eyes and ears to my soul and spirit.

I once aspired to change the world only to realize that the number of people trying to change the world in hateful, hurtful, war mongering, racist, sexist ... ways was overwheling. these days I simply try to change myself for the better in the hope that others will be inspired and act in kind and start a flow of freedom, peace, hope, light and love.

deep is my desire and determination to do the right thing in the right way and make things right for me, mine and the many who come my way.

the light came through my window the day I opened the curtains and let it in which is the way I live my life, I open myself to pure positive things that bring me joy and invite them in.

love smiled at me the day I not only recognized it but also believed it was meant for me and that I was worthy.

fill your heart with love, fill your spirit with blessings, fill your soul with beauty and fill your life with bliss for you are deserving and you are divine.

a day is on its way of blessings and miracles and all we have to do is open ourselves fully and believe.

I feel at home inside when I am comfortable with what I am experiencing outside and I feel at home outside when I am comfortable with what I am experiencing inside.

I was presented with three choices in my life, to walk a dark path down a dark street, to walk a good path down a good street or to walk a path of my own creation down a street of my own making to a place I call home. I have walked all three and am now exactly where I am supposed to be.

speak with wisdom, speak with compassion, speak with hope, speak with heart and speak with love.

making a positive change in life is a loving healing experience that aligns us with spirit and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

we are love and if we live who we are life will be a beautiful blessing of great joy and happiness.

messages that can change our lives for the better appear when we stop closing and start opening our mind and heart to the blessings on our path.

there is infinite goodness within the human soul and if we use that goodness to illuminate our way we will help ourselves and others heal, grow, live and love.

positive purposeful intentions foster courageous compassionate actions that create a loving atmosphere where miracles begin to happen.

beliefs that nurture and blessings that nourish give me the strength and courage to move forward in life with the knowledge that I will be happy and I will be loved.

I feel good about life when I live through my heart and do things that foster positive spiritual growth.

personal peace and wellness are achieved when we open our heart and soul by choosing to be kind, choosing to be compassionate and choosing to be loved.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Light a Healing Path of Positive Purpose


my mental wellbeing is an important part of each and every moment of my life and because of that I do my best to make choices which light a healing path of positive purpose.

there are artistic visions that reside in celestial realms which I visit when my my heart, soul and spirit need reviving, restoring and resurrecting.

the more kindness I experience in the world the more I feel my spirit grow and the easier it becomes to celebrate the song of life.

open minded acceptance of the self enhances, enriches and empowers our evolution and existence.

my spiritual guide is my spiritual self and together we walk a path of spirit, soul, harmony, balance and the deepest clarity possible that is embraced by an atmosphere of unconditional love.

I plant seeds of thought from which grow actions of spirit which create for me a garden of sacred prosperity where I may live and love in peace.

stratospherically gifted are they who reach beyond their boundaries into alternative realities where happiness is an adventure and healing is a blessing.

there is an atmosphere of goodness and gaiety in those areas where earth meets heaven and heaven greets earth.

let us on this day commit to making positive changes that help and heal us, our planet, the universe and the heavens.

I like to climb alchemical mountains for they are mountains of change radiant with the intelligence of nature and devoted to sacred mother earth.

I have been to a seance, seen spirits, encountered someone who astral projected, removed curses, done spellwork, encountered moonies on the beach, spoke to raelians, demonstated dowsing, gave a speech on aliens, visited two scientology centers, was asked to speak at a christian revival tent, was offered a job or two at a born again youth hostel, asked to open satanic church, met with an eckankar group, investigated an old christian reform school, opened a new age store/alternative thinking emporium, wrote horoscopes, worked a native seers fair, created my own form of energy healing, visited lilydale new york on many occasions, experienced sound healing, taught tarot, did transcendental meditation, attended the holistic world fair, attended pagan pride fair many times and much much more. life for me is an exploration of spirit.

calmness and reflection cultivate spiritual growth and inspire self illuminating changes that celebrate the goodness and glory of life.

I think I can met I know I can who introduced him to I certainly will who introduced him to guess what I did who asked him what do you think to which he responded I think I can...

I have always lived life on my own terms which helped me to survive the hardships and rise above them to a sacred place of hope, healing, harmony and happiness.

each morning I lift my heart into the light of love which helps me to make my day one that serves the highest good.

I used to be a member of a few poets collectives and we each had spoken word events once a month. I would always speak at these events and sometimes host. at the same time I was writing articles, columns and reviews for a number of publications. if that wasnt enough I had a local cable tv show about matters of spirit. these things and more all started while I was living on the street. my situation at the time never stopped me from being me. I continued to do tarot and psychic readings. I continued to investigate spirit manifestations. I continued to offer counsel to those in need. I continued to be exactly who I am. I am thankful for the struggles that I had because they gave me a sense of freedom that unlocked doors, opened gateways and gave me to courage to find my way to the life and love I deserved.

the more we free ourselves from limitations the greater our ability to make life better and more beautiful.

the positive and the good began to flow into my world when I allowed myself to be loved.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Be Kind To Yourself Today


be kind to yourself today and yours will be a kind of day where you walk a path of kindness, compassion and love.

I just want to live meaningfully, love faithfully and do my beast each and every day to manifest happiness.

people who accept themselves embrace life with a deeper sense of purpose and a sincere desire to make the world a better place.

a new humanity is upon us and whether it is one of friendship and freedom or death and destruction depends on the choices we make.

one of the struggles I have had over the past two and a half years has been people contacting me to share beliefs that are harmful and disturbing. it reminds me of those moments in life when you meet someone who is amazing and then they say that racist, sexist, homophobic thing that you cant unhear. we are all handling covid in our own way. whatever your way is thats your choice. I want for all of us to be happy and healthy. so if you have something to say I hope its thank you, have a nice day, wonderful to meet you, I love you...

the longer this crisis goes on the more madness there is in the world so I have made the choice to focus on my blessings and be thankful for the miracles in my life.

this is my moment what shall I do with it. I shall show my love. this is your moment what shall you do with it.

I am hoping the day comes when we put away our anger, ignorance, indifference and begin to create a new reality from which a collective healing blossoms.

an open spirit, a blessed soul and a loving heart are for me sources of truth and goodness that elevate my existence to a place where i may faithfully and joyously live my dreams.

I have navigated my way through lifes struggles by doing things and making choices that give me a positive sense of self and wrap me in love.

a bright outlook and positive intentions heal the child within and gently transform our life into one of blessed beauty that embraces the earth, the universe and the heavens with love.

beams of light radiate outward from the heart embracing those around us when we walk our path with love and kindness.

a clear path to true happiness revealed itself to me when I took the time to clear my path.

create with me peace and harmony by opening gateways to goodness, grace and glory that lead to a love most sacred.

may today be a day of soul blossoming experiences that impact and inspire in deeply delightful ways which enrich and enhance the quality of life.

I have always had the courage to be myself in a world constantly asking that I be somebody else.

it seems more and more we are becoming an either or world where people say either you believe what I believe or you are a bad person. thats not who I am and I want no part of that mentality. get vaxxed or dont get vaxxed that is your choice. the truth is no matter your personal belief we are all making the same choice which is we are choosing to do what we believe is best for us and our families. I hope you are doing well. I hope you are healthy and happy. I am fine. thank you.

higher spiritual awareness is a healing presence that takes one beyond the physical realm to a place of peace where you can live in harmony with your true sacred self.


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Today May We All Rise To Lifes Challenges


today may we all rise to lifes challenges with an attitude of gratitude, a philosophy of kindness and a commitment to compassion.

a wise soul once said be true to who you are, believe in who you are and love who you are. It was my soul and I listened, learned and begin to be and love who I truly am.

there is enough good within which if shared honestly, freely, sincerely, graciously, happily and lovingly can initiate a state of transition and transformation that can change our world for the better.

sometimes the toxins in our life can be motivating. I knew at an early age what I would not be when I grew up and it is that belief and my commitment to it which has seen me time and time again rise from the darkness into the light.

nurture your dreams, nourish your visions and reach beyond this reality into other truths, beliefs and dimensions as this will lead you on a pathway of divine beauty to a world of greater joy.

we soar higher when we reach beyond our limits with the belief that we are truly worthy of joy, happiness, bliss, blessings and love.

the aspiration of happiness has always given me hope which in turn gave me the courage to use my poetic sensibilities to touch the heart and soul of others in ways positive and profound.

in nourishing, compassionate and thoughtful service I share my blessings with world in the hope that they will inspire others to act in kind which will in time help the whole of humanity.

when my son darwin was a baby I had him at a timmys with me for breakfast. I had him in his car chair which was strapped to the stroller. I would take the chair and face it at the counter and the ladies behind the counter would wave at him and make him smile.. he was a new born. after I ate I would take him out and walk him around, lay him on the table, play with him ... one day and old european woman said you are watching him today and I said I watch hime every day. my wife works and I stay home with him. she said you change diapers and every thing. I said yes and she said my husband doesnt believe in that. I said do you mean he believes its real he just doesnt believe men should be doing that. she said yes. I said your husband is an idiot. she said I know. the next time I saw her she had a little toy she brought in case I was there to give to darwin.

I am connected to the heavens which connects me to the universe which connects me to the earth which connects me to the heavens.

I have always been me. The trials and tribulations of life have added and taken away parts of me but at my core I have remained exactly who I am. I was in high school and while waiting for the bus to go home at the end of the day this bigger older kid wanted to fight me. As you know when it looks like there is going to be a fight a circle immediately forms around you so even if you wanted to avoid it you were now trapped. which is what happened. I am a cool hand luke type which means no matter how big you are or how many of you there are I am not backing down. this guys mistake was that before he would try to hit me he spoke. he yelled out I am going to kick your ass. I replied you seem to have a thing for young mens asses, is there something you are not telling us. the whole crowd started laughing. he just stood there dumbfounded and then walked over tousled my hair and said you are funny. after that he was my friend and stood up for me. I have always been me.

let us walk on fertile grounds of faith inspired by nature where we bring people together in the spirit of love.

greater things began to happen when I began to walk a path of greater love.

unite with me in fields of freedom where we may engage in a soulful dance of inspired devotion and immaculate divinity that awakens the love within.

lovingly give yourself a hug. happily hold yourself close. joyously embrace yourself fully. you are deserving of the same love, happiness and joy you give others.

I feel more alive when I aspire to greatness. I feel more awake when with calming clarity I see the blessings around me. i feel more loved when I am sharing freely my love. I feel.

I was unfolding miracles one day when I heard my soul whisper to my spirit how good I was doing which filled my heart with grace, glory, goodness and gratitude.

you are the prayer. be the prayer. you are the joy. be the joy. you are the light. be the light. you are the hope. be the hope. you are the answer. be the answer. you are the truth. be the truth. you are the love. be the love. you are the prayer. be the prayer. amen!


MicHEAL Teal

The Ancient One

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Spiritually Resplendent and Profoundly Poetic


a positive outlook and pure intentions can help develop a better life that is spiritually resplendent and profoundly poetic.

life was getting me down one day so I chose to react differently which made all the difference I needed to rise above my struggles into the light.

somewhere beyond brokenness there is an ethereal place where brilliant bliss and boundless blessings dance with beatific beauty to songs of spirit. I am on my way there now. I look forward to your arrival.

I was sleeping in the stairwell of a parking garage twenty six years ago when I heard the whispers of positive presence telling me that if I choose not to die I have within me the power to create a life I could love that would love me back which is exactly what I have today.

a compassionate path where the spirit flourishes and the soul radiates positive energy is a blessing of healing, wholeness and happiness that occurs when we as sentient beings of light live the love that is our destiny.

we when serving the greater good reach a higher state of being in which we evolve and transform as everything becomes sacred.

one day I stopped being so damn angry which positively impacted my world and set me free to flourish in a love based life of my own creation.

it is when I open doorways into other dimensions that I find myself in celestial worlds filled with angels, ancients and ancestors who welcome me home.

the easiest way to shine your light is to let your light shine. many of the the things we truly need to be happy in life are already within us we just have to give them the freedom to venture out into the world.

from a higher consciousness comes a higher awareness which inspires within us the highest good which guides us to our higher self who gives us a higher purpose which is to lay back and get high.

hold with kindness the heart of humanity for it is in desperate need of a hug.

something beautiful happens inside when we fall in love with ourself, we are embraced with heart healing energy that guides us toward the light.

I turned the news off and I stopped seeing and hearing all the negatives in the world today and started seeing and hearing all the positives in the world around me.

brightest blessings on this beautiful day. I wish you great joy, happiness, inner peace and love.

I used to look back at my life so often that when I finally looked forward I was amazed to see hope and happiness waiting for me.

communicate compassionately as this will guide you in a positive spiritual direction that is beautifully beneficial to you and those you love.

use the goodness within to express yourself as this will help you connect with your sacredness and love your way into the light.

I opened myself to beauty which opened me to belief which opened me to blessings which opened me to bliss. now that my life is open come on in.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One